Writing Styles

If you are not sure what writing styles are about, try to imagine the best ways you use to express yourself. Do you use academic language? Do you use persuasion? Do you inform your readers? Once you answer these questions, you will have a better idea of what a writing style is. In essence, it is a collection of your habits and preferences in writing. It is like having a unique preference for persuasion. It is very similar to the things you prefer to wear in routine situations. Are you more about wearing jeans or high heels? Or both? Whatever you choose, it is your style, and you are its owner. You can say the same about writing. So, how about learning the basics of the best writing styles now?

The biggest question about different writing styles is how to make sure they match the writing situation. Are you confident that jeans are suitable, when you are going to a school ball? Are you sure that you need high heels to go to the movies? These are just some of the basic questions you are to answer, if you want to refine your knowledge of writing styles. So, let us start. First, we will talk of expository writing. It is one of the most common writing categories, when you collect information to provide your readers with some useful information about the topic of your choice. At the center of most expository essays is some concept or idea, which you need to explain in comprehensive, reader-friendly terms. You will find great examples of expository essay writing in textbooks. You are allowed to use some casual expressions, but do not overload your paper with them.

Among other types of writing styles, persuasive writing occupies a special place. It has some similarities with expository writing. Still, expository and persuasive papers are not the same. If you are working on a persuasive paper, your task is to provide solid argumentation to convince your audience that they have to change their opinions about the topic and accept your viewpoint. You will have to acknowledge that opposing views are also powerful and provide arguments for effective rebuttal. Do not include too many details. You will make your readers bored. Be balanced and reserved. Use academic language and credible sources to strengthen your argumentation.

Speaking of the writing style definition, you will find many of them in literature. However, you may also find yourself in a situation when poetry and fiction will become a writing style of your choice. At times, your professor will ask you to create a narrative or poetic piece that will expose the beauty of your mind and soul to your readers. Here, you will have an opportunity to use rich literary language. This is when you are invited to attend a school ball in your most beautiful evening dress.

Finally, unlike other essay writing styles, descriptive essay writing is quite simple and easy to use in practice. Your function as a writer is simply to describe something. It is enough to create a good essay and meet the grading requirements for your paper. You may need to describe some event or situation, using academic language and rich imagery. Be logical in your writing styles. Use them wisely. If it is a narrative paper, build your plot consistently and thoroughly.

Put yourself in your readers' shoes and imagine how they will manage to understand your theme and message. Be sensual and sensitive. Avoid redundant sentences and exclude unnecessary information. This is all you need to know about writing styles.

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