Writing a PhD Thesis

There is no doubting how important a thesis is, especially for those students who are hoping to leave college with any type of degree up to and including a PhD. Therefore, huge value is placed on this critical assignment. Because so much depends on this one document, a considerable amount of care and attention must be put into its preparation. Any student tackling such an assignment must ensure that their work meets the requirements set out by both their professor and the academic institution they belong to.


Of course, this indicates that a thesis paper must be original as well as good quality. Indeed, these projects are, essentially, a culmination of all the expertise and knowledge the student has acquired over the entire duration of their education. So, unsurprisingly, there are some essential steps involved in thesis writing if one’s tutors and fellow students are to fully appreciate and applaud the work that went into them.       

It has often been said that it is the first small step that sets the scene for any lengthy journey. It is crucial, therefore, for students to decide the best time to begin writing their thesis papers. A project of this magnitude requires a great deal of research work before the writing even begins. Indeed, the amount of research can sometimes seem to have no end so every writer should set a timeline indicating when the research effort will cease and the writing begin. This type of project needs to be planned in a meticulous manner. A carefully planned schedule for completing each individual chapter (e.g. for a PhD level thesis) can prove a great help in making the project a success. You could set interim deadlines for each chapter and a minimum amount of words to be written each day. A plan of this type can make the task much easier and less stressful. Remember, the aim of a thesis is not to exhaust you; it is a way of showing what knowledge you have acquired in the course of your education. 

A thesis can have different requirements, which can change from one course to the next. However, general requirements include a title or cover page, an abstract, a table of contents (ToC), acknowledgements, an introduction, a review of literature, a section on the philosophical approach taken, an overview of the work, a critical review or analysis of the particular work, an outline of any possible future research work, a conclusion, a reference page and, perhaps, appendices. These requirements can, of course, differ from one academic institution to another but most often all components are needed. Writing, say, a thesis for research paper or dissertation projects can seem daunting at first but taking a step-by-step approach should eventually lead to successful completion. As is the case with any other important work, it is crucial for the writer to pace themselves and not to procrastinate. Possibly, the most important aspect of this type of project is careful planning.

If you devise a timetable or schedule for the various chapters, the task becomes much easier to complete. Furthermore, tackling the project step-by-step can take a lot of the stress out of it. Whether you are writing a thesis for a research paper, a dissertation or some other type of project, it is essential to get feedback from your peers as the work is progressing. It can also help to maintain close contact with your instructor because they will steer and guide you along the right path. 

Another thing that is advisable is to remove every error, no matter how trivial, from your paper before you hand it in. If you are working on a thesis research paper, you will not be able to correct any mistakes once it has been submitted. Therefore, you should proofread your paper a number of times well before the submission date. Also, check every figure, table and/or appendix. If you adhere to the above advice, you should be in a position to submit a great thesis.   

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