What are Analytical Essays?

What Are Analytical Essays?

In a number of ways, it could be said that the analytical essay is one of the most crucial types of writing a student learns during their educational years. Indeed, almost every academic assignment students are required to write has an element of analysis or analytical writing. Additionally, any student who intends to take up a professional career is likely to be required to write papers of an analytical nature in the course of their work. The aim of this article is to explain how to write an analytical essay.

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The Primary Purpose of the Analysis

Very often, analytical essays are used on English courses because they encourage the student to analyze a given thing such as a poem or some commodity with a view to explaining its overriding theme. However, students sometimes mistakenly think this means they should explain the meaning of the subject they are working on. But the primary purpose of the analysis is to examine the how rather than the what. Now you may be wondering what the difference is. Here, you need to refer to the official analytical essay definition, which suggests how it means understanding the relationship between the different parts of the subject matter. It is this relationship that then reveals the real meaning of that particular thing. That is what analytical essays are all about.

A better real-world example of analytical writing maybe, say, the analysis of a stocks and shares portfolio where the numbers need to be explained in a way the client (or reader) understands. Hence, it is best to start this type of project with a strong analytical essay outline, where you would make a note of the terms that need explaining. Explaining a percentage point in the stocks and shares portfolio example would mean saying something simple such as, "You are losing or making money." Although it is worth the client knowing this, what they really need to know is how they are losing or making money. Consequently, writing an analytical essay based on an analysis of a stock portfolio would need to describe the relationships between the main holdings and how the outcome has been affected by these relationships.

Of course, once you have explained this, you will need to provide an interpretation of the data for the client. Interpreting this type of data is, after all, the main reason for employing analysts. Therefore, the best way to define analytical essay writing is to say the interpretation part, which is often placed near the end, endeavors to explain what the relationship between the data analysis that was undertaken and the analysis itself means. So, depending on what analytical essay topics you are writing about or if you take the example of the stock above, you would first explain the relationship between the portfolio’s main holdings and then write something along the lines of, "The primary reason you are losing (or making) money is because of the relationships that exist between stocks X, Y, and Z."

Armed with the above information, you should now know how to start an analytical essay. The primary aim of your essay is to explain the relationships between the different parts of something and then to interpret or analyze how these special relationships work together to create or affect the thing in its entirety. In addition, because the analysis is used in every walk of life, it is a good idea to learn the analytical essay format as early on in your education as you can.

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