Privacy Policy

We are grateful that you have taken time to read about our services. One of the most vital roles of our administration team is keeping customer data secure and private and ensuring it is not subjected to misusage, theft or loss. If you would like to understand what data we collect and for what purpose we collect it, please read on. 

To ensure the most effective cooperation, we routinely collect data about our customers and the potential customers who visit our website.

This data, which is securely stored on our web server, generally covers:   

  • Time a user accesses our website
  • What OS (operating system) they are using
  • What web browser they are using 

Information in this category poses no risk of identifying the customer and, in addition, it is against our policy to sell or share data of this type. It is used purely to improve the content published on our website and to enhance and customize this information and its presentation.              

Website Cookies

Cookies are widely used by website providers and our company is no exception. We use cookies to ensure navigation is as user-friendly as possible and to collect statistical data, e.g., usage frequency, visitor numbers and similarly beneficial information.         

Your Personal Details

To provide our services we may ask for:

  • Your name
  • Your telephone number, and
  • A valid address we can email you at

Customers are asked for these details when signing up to our website. However, we only use the information to process orders e.g. if we need to get in touch with you for missing information or a writer is awaiting input from your side. Therefore, the importance of providing accurate contact details needs to be emphasized if we are to have the clarification needed to bring you the best service. It is only our staff that is given access to your personal data; it is never sold to third parties nor is it disclosed, shared or publicized.      

How Payments are Processed   

The systems we use for processing transactions are completely secure and confidential so all billing information is safe from disclosure. Furthermore, for the purpose of avoiding online fraud, our Finance team may check customer identity.            

Customer Rights

Customers’ profile information may be deleted, updated or amended as required. If any changes are needed, please get in touch with our support team.