How to Write an Essay

Being a student is one of the most fascinating yet challenging episodes in your life. You will face different conflicts, issues, and controversies. You may even discover that some of your best achieving peers actually cheat. How does it feel to see other students excel in the same discipline with you but due to cheating? Definitely, you will not feel well. However, it is never too late to learn how to write an essay. You can do anything, if you want, and we are here to help you learn the best essay writing skills.

Is it that the only way to write an essay is by cheating?

If you want to know how to write essay papers and earn an A+, you will have to recognize one difficult truth: lies bring satisfaction, and they sometimes bring the best academic result. No, that does not mean that you have to cheat all the time. What we mean here is that writing an essay requires a great deal of creativity. You may need to make up a fictional story or anecdote, which sounds realistic but has never actually happened to you. You will see that your fictional story is better than anything you had ever experienced in your own life, so why not? Just make sure that you maintain a reasonable balance not to get caught. You have to be realistic and thorough with details. Imagine that your professor will ask questions about your story. Be ready to answer them. This is likely to become your time of triumph and academic victory!

If you are learning how to write an essay about yourself, you should realize that even the best paper is nothing without evidence. You can have the best thesis in the world, but it will not be worth any grade, unless you can prove it. Use our essay writing tips to become a better writer today.

Generalizing Is Great

So, how do you write an essay? First, learn the power of sweeping generalizations and be ready to use them in your paper. Try to include such generalizations to prove that you have read a lot of literature and can successfully incorporate it into your work. For example, if you are discussing the issue of adolescent suicide, why not to include some general claims about how other philosophers or well-known psychologists would explain the problem? Like, "Freud would say that adolescent suicide is a product of…." Even if you feel that your generalizations are not very clear, you will make a good point if you include some of them in your work. Your professor will be impressed by the depth of your comprehension and the extent, to which you are familiar with the course material.

What about Lies?

Now back to lies, as we believe this is one of the most important essay writing tips you may want to use in writing. If you cannot get quality essay writing help on time, there is nothing else you can do except for lying. Here is a good example of how reasonable lying can serve your purpose and give you a strong edge as you are learning how to write an essay.

One student who was studying chemistry had to complete a laboratory report of his experiments. He was required to conduct something like 150 different experiments, but he had time only for 50. He was sure that he would not score more than C for his college essay writing. However, by the time he reached home, he decided that he would try to make the remainder of his laboratory coursework. You know, it is always great to try, even if you feel that you will lose the battle. This is what the student did.

He discovered that the results of other experiments reported by other students were quite similar to his. He also knew that he was correct and thorough following all experimental procedures. He knew that if he added another 30-40 experiments with evidence and mathematical calculations, it would not be a problem. Besides, he was not cheating, since he had conducted all experiments on his own. So, given that lab reports are more challenging than other types of essay writing, the student decided to focus on creating his laboratory report. He added the data needed to meet his professor's requirements and…oops! – he got an A! Now you have an answer to the question of whether it is good to lie in academic essay writing. You can that sometimes it is. Still, if you want to know how to write an essay, be reasonable in everything you do. Choose your topic thoroughly. Gather evidence. Develop a thesis statement, and here you go!


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