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Technological advances, scientific development, and economic growth of each nation are inextricably linked with education and development of its youngsters. Parenthood is a perpetual process since parents are primarily responsible for their child’s nascency, health, welfare, education, achievements, successes, as well as failures. Therefore, a person’s transition to parenthood is a multifaceted process due to a wide spectrum of requirements facing parents.

Since my childhood, taking care of children has become one of my familiar activities and hence has developed my conscious perception of parenthood. I looked after my younger cousins and later worked as a counselor and family group leader at summer camps. While I was getting knowledge of the different aspects of leadership, counseling, and teaching others, my perception of requirements for parenthood was gradually developing. I improved my practices of interactions with children and became aware of their needs. I love children. I am eager to become a parent; however, I should precisely evaluate my readiness for parenthood, impartially admit my strengths and weaknesses, comprehensively determine goals associated with parenthood, and outline a roadmap.

Human expectations related to pregnancy influence the decision to become a parent. Undoubtedly, pregnant women become extremely sensitive to diverse anxieties, fears, living experiences, and possible medical complications. Although pregnancy is a normal biological process occurring in a woman, from my point of view, it is the most miraculous process of formation of a new human being. Positive attitudes to pregnancy promote positive emotions associated with parenthood. 

Monetary issues significantly contribute to my decision on becoming a parent. Today, successful achievements of vital aims related to parenthood are closely connected with financial issues (Jacoby, 2009). A well paid job and regular salary are the two prerequisites of financial stability necessary to provide children with high quality healthcare services and all necessities.  My future career is connected with college counseling. Salaries of each professional directly depend upon a great deal of factors such as education, professionalism, commitment, persistence, etc. Therefore, I must have comprehensive knowledge and skills that only graduate study in educational counseling can give. In order to avoid possible anxiety, stress, and overwhelming worries caused by insufficient income, I should become a parent after graduating from the educational establishment.

Furthermore, college counselors engage in a number of roles that reflect their core competencies, such as encouraging students, assisting them in problem solving, facilitating students’ personal development, etc.  The position of a college counselor requires the complete commitment, huge time supply, as well as psychological and physical endurance.  Being responsible for the creation of favorable environments for college students, I can diminish the time necessary for my child upbringing. However, I have to understand and satisfy peculiar spiritual and physical needs of my child so that I will be able to support and promote his/her further development. The situation can be aggravated by a fulltime job of my partner. Therefore, in order to establish beneficial equilibrium between job requirements and my child’s needs, I should sacrifice my time to rest and relax. However, it can produce stressful situations and lead to my moral and physical exhaustion.  In addition, I should prevent conflicts which can emerge due to role strain and a decline in relationships with my partner (Kluwer, 2010; Mortensen et al., 2012). Conflicts result in diminished attention to children, their education, development, health care, and other problems. Our relationships with my partner should strengthen our family and promote development of our child.

Another issue associated with my transition to parenthood is the development of my child’s ethnic identity. I am an American of Korean origin. Although the racial and ethnical diversity of the USA is steadily increasing and borders between ethnic minorities and the Americans are gradually disappearing, the Asian Americans are still facing certain ethnicity-related challenges. My strongest desire is to buffer my child against his/her coevals’ mockery concerning his/her appearance. I should make all my efforts to prevent my child from social anxiety.

Contemporary economic and social conditions have tutored me to adapt to requirements and values of the society I live in. Previously, I have spent some time exploring the cultural heritage of my nation. Although American and Korean social standards and cultural values are totally different, I aspire to preserve and develop my child’s original ethnic consciousness in conjunction with the core values of the American society.

In conclusion, numerous factors affect the transition to parenthood. Today, a great number of research studies are focused on psychological aspects of parenthood, parents’ social background, their education, lifestyle, and interactions between behavioral and personal characteristics.  Although specific criteria of readiness for parenthood have not been identified yet, parents should be extremely responsible and self-rigorous in order to bring up a healthy, harmonious, well educated, and comprehensively developed personality. Despite fulfilling rewards that parenthood offers, I should be completely ready for the challenges I will face.

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