Aug 15, 2018 in Sociology

Racial Inequality

Racial inequality is still eminent in the United States as the gap between white and black families continues to widen. The gap is mostly attributable to inheritance and unemployment. Whites are also privileged because of their long years of home ownership. Nevertheless, the gap would be wider if civil rights leaders had not stood up against racial inequality. Rosa Parks is one of the prominent people in history who helped change racial inequality. To date, she is popularly referred to as “the mother of the freedom movement” (Risse & Mathias, 2004).

For a long time, racial segregation was rife in the United States. Blacks were considered inferior to the whites and so could not use the same facilities. In public service vehicles, blacks would use different seats from blacks. When white seats were exhausted, blacks were supposed to give up their seats for their white colleagues. Rosa Parks mad history in 1955 when she refused to give up her seat. Her bold defiance became a significant symbol for the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, Rosa Parks later became an icon of civil disobedience over racial segregation. She worked closely with other civil rights leaders to end racial inequality. Her boldness put her in several problems with the authorities. She lost her job as a secretary and had to move to Detroit to get a new job. Her husband also suffered a similar fate as his boss forbade him to talk about her wife’s tribulations. The family also suffered economic sanctions that were used against civil rights activists (Parks & James 1992).

Essentially, the situation would be worse if not for people like Rosa Parks. She sat down in defiance of racial segregation that blacks would stand up for their rights. True to her dream, her boldness strengthened the civil rights leaders to fight harder. She played a significant role in changing racial inequality.

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