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Stephen Soderbergh, the director of the film “Traffic”, tried to approach catholically to the drugs traffic problem and he managed to expose it fully because his look passed through the prism of human relationship, trying to reveal an inner world, feelings and thoughts of characters, their plans and hopes. Everything in the film is shown in the development, and that only sharpens this subject but not limits to the one. The events remind the vicious circle, when having entered into the limits, it is already impossible to escape. The film deals not only with a narcotic dependence on psychotropic substances but with indestructible drawing into the drug traffic, which arises as soon one touches it once.

Caroline, the daughter of one of the main characters, the judge Robert Wakefield, is an honored pupil and a leader of the class. Caroline’s friend is familiar with Aeschylus and his works, which means a high intelligence. But, for some reason, they both use cocaine. According to Stephen Soderbergh’s idea, it is possible to solve this almost desperate situation with the help of internal influence, proving the youth that there is something bigger than drugs and pleasure received from them in the world. Therefore, he decides that moral support of Caroline in a fight against the dependence will bring much more advantage than the attempt to hide the product import as new ways of drugs traffic will always be found if there is a demand.

The history, devoted to it, tells about the woman whose husband was arrested on the charge of drug traffic, and plenty of his incomplete affairs and debts to the partners start to fall on her. Then, threats to her child follow. She chooses the only way out which she sees – the continuation of the business of her husband about which she has not known before. As for the spouse, he needs to be released by all means, and the way of its achievement is a murder of the main witness.

The problems of drugs traffic and drugs addiction are very actual in our country where it is not difficult to get ecstasy from the drugs, even for school students, for whom it is not a problem to buy drugs directly in their educational institutions. I think the film can bring lots of topics for reflections and discussions. I would not tell that this picture can bring in life something exclusively new or give an alternative view of the events in the world; nevertheless, it is pleasant that so clever movies, reflecting the reality, exist and reveal those problems which are deliberately held back by mass media.

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