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The Hunger Games

In chapter 17, the pyramid is blown to bits affecting Katniss as she failed to escape leaving her unable to hear and her left ear bleeding. When the career tributes return, she succeeds to drag herself into the bushes of the copse. Using an enormous tantrum, Cato dangerously snaps the neck of the boy from District 3. As the other tributes point to the sky, Katniss suddenly realizes that they might think the bomber is dead. When her picture was not projected after the anthem has been played, the tributes recognized the bomber must have survived and they set off to hunt whoever it was. The thoughts of the eight tributes flashed in her mind as she fell asleep in the cold. She was woken up by sound of Foxface’s laughter of who managed to scavenge some supplies from the pyramid. Katniss goes back to the meeting point to find Rue, but she is not there. Out of impatience, she heads to the third signal and once noticing the fire had not been lit, she knew Rue was in trouble. As she followed the sound of the birds, she heard a girl scream. Rue was trapped in a net. After freeing her, Rue calls Katniss and suddenly a spear is run through her.

In chapter 18, Katniss kills the boy from district 1 who stabbed Rue, but unfortunately Rue dies in her hands. She is very sad to an extent that she decorates the body of Rue with beautiful flowers. She set off, and later she gets bread from the people of District 11 and retires to rest. In that evening, when the anthem was played, Claudius Templesmith, the Hunger Games announcer, pronounces the change in rules and declares that the two tributes that stay alive last will be presented as the winners of the game. Katniss calls out Peeta’s name.

In chapter 19, Katniss goes to find Peeta and by following bloodstains finds him completely camouflaged in mud near a river bank. She cleans him and tendered to his wounds. She takes him to the cave.

In chapter 20, Katniss and Peeta opt to live in the cave, where she takes care of him. Claudius invites all the tributes to the feast and affirms that there would be something that each of the tributes need that was to be in a book bag marked with their district’s number. Peeta rejects the idea of Katniss attending the feast. As Katniss washed out the pot of the soup, a parachute drops a pot of sleeping syrup to knock out Peeta as she goes to the feast to battle it out. She manages to make Peeta take the syrup mashed with berries. He is quick to realize what is happening as he fell asleep.

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