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Inside Rikers

The book by Jennifer Wynn talks about penitentiaries in the United States. The book discusses about facts and what happens in prisons. Jeniffer Wynn is a woman who got the privilege and wit a background studies in journalism. Wynn was inspired to engage to write this book due to the things she saw in the penitentiary when  she went to do a research story about a certain con man for her work in a newspaper. Wynn felt the urge to return to the penitentiary because the type of men she met in the penitentiary were stereotypes. She defined them in those words because of the behavioral characteristics she witnessed while she was in prison. Jeniffer Wynn had a one on one chat with the inmates who revealed to her what awful kind of people are locked up in the penitentiary.

A fascinating history about Riker Prison was discovered by Jeniffer Wynn. Facts that emerged from the first chapter of the book Inside Rikers by Jennifer Wynn were that Rikers was an island with a lush farm long before it  turned into a penitentiary. The land was owned by a Dutch Family, and the  size of it was approximately 87 acres. The name of the Dutch family that owned the farm was Rychen. In 1884, , the city of NewYork acquired the land, and it was expanded to 415 acres so as it can accommodate nine other jails. The first jail was built there in 1932. The jails would hold a capacity of 17,000 inmates which would be higher than the prisons of at least 35 states combined. According to statistics; about 75% of the inmates who are released from Rikers island would end up returning within a year. About 92% of the inmates who are in Rikers Island are blacks or Hispanic.

It is known  that these two groups of blacks and Hispanics make up around 49% of the population. Statistics were found that 90% of the inmates in Rikers island did not have any educational background, 75% of the inmates were there because of drug related rimes and about 25% have been under treatment for mental disorders. For every prisoner to be incarcerated to Rikers Island it will cost around $68,000 annually. As striking  as the results are what I found enthralling in this research is why is it that blacks and Hispanic are the one’s who are filling up the prison? Why not the other races? The blacks have the highest population in the prisons 92% is weigh high. It is like the prisons were made for the black people.

Another thing is the amount of money spent in the Riker Island  prison annually is unbelievably high. $68,000 per inmate per year and the prison has over 15,000 inmates that is billions of dollars that are spent in one place. My opinion is that the Riker Islands penitentiaries to reduce the severity of money used  every year and instead help the needy, by building homes which at long  last will provide shelter during cold seasons and giving them daily meals and education. It's been found that because of lack of education and other essentials needs that man requires it is why these young men are taken to jail for.

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