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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

This science fiction novel by Dick Phillip illustrates how emotional contact is paramount in humanism. The novel revolves around the life of Rick Deckard a bounty hunter. His choice of profession is a bid to attain purpose in life and compensate for his loneliness in a world almost deserted by humans (Dick Pp.1). His frustration in attaining emotional satisfaction is heightened by the fact that he is unable to afford an organic animal. This is because his black Suffolk ewe which is synthetic is malfunctioning. He has a confrontation with his wife that they should save money to buy a real ewe (Dick Pp.2). Deckard’s desire to have a living creature to satisfy his emotional emptiness is a key indication that he is human.

Emotional feelings distinguish human beings from other creations. It is what creates empathy, which is the ability to recognize emotions experienced by other human beings. Deckard feels that owning a real creature will aid him to attain some purpose in life. Despite owning a synthetic ewe, he craves to own a real animal. He approaches his neighbor Barbour who has a pregnant Percheron mare and seeks to strike a deal with him. Barbour seeks to sell his mare at a remarkably steep price. Deckard is ready to pay for the animal in ten consecutive installments (Dick Pp.4). This portrays him as desperate in trying to attain humanity by offering affection to another creature. His test as a human can also be seen when he asks Phil to test him with the Voift-Kampff equipment (Dick Pp.56-57). He successful passes the test by giving an emphatic response.

Androids are portrayed as non human entities which do not perceive human emotions. The ability to hunt and kill androids portrays Deckard to be an individual who lacks human emotions. He attempts to murder Luba Luft, an android, who is also an opera singer (Dick Pp. 52). He is also caught with a dead body inside his car (Dick Pp. 45).Deckard claims that the dead body is of an android. This shows that he lack empathy as far as androids are concerned. He is ready to butcher them despite and even carry their bodies in his car. Rick makes a confrontation to 6 androids and murders them without hesitation (Dick Pp. 89). They were Isidore’s friends, who in turn break down after learning about their demise. Rick is satisfied from this kill as he makes good money from it. This scene portrays him to be inhuman and more like an android.

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