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What Makes and Brakes an Organization

The organization is a social unit staff that is created and acted in order to realize people`s need and achieve high goals. All companies have a proper structure of management. It determines relations between the organization members and various activities. Also it assigns and subdivides roles, responsibilities and authority to realize all necessary organization`s tasks. The organization is an open system; it affects and is affected by the environment.

The organizations are built by humans and for humans. People who work for the companies should be great leaders to make the successful and effective management process. Leadership skills and practices are the drivers for organizational effectiveness.

There are certain principles to be followed to achieve success and economic effect. The whole organization and each part of it, including all employees, should work towards achieving the main goals; each person has to work in a union, not to be isolated from each other, achieving the best result for the company; team work is the important and unalienable part of each process. This will help to create an effective and active cooperative work process among all employees. If people do not assist and support each other, the company will never get good conclusive results. There is a need to have the hierarchy of authorities to delegate responsibilities among workers inside the company.

An employee has to know about his/her supervisor in order to report him/her. All worker`s authorities, duties and responsibilities should be designated clearly. This will help in appointing the correct work process for the right person with required skills. The company gets effectiveness of employees, having specific job description for each of them. Also this will help to avoid any conflicts inside the organization. The company has to be ready for the changes, intergrading in the world society and community. This process will help to become stronger, holding company`s power in severe rival reality. Difficult and sudden changes are necessary to be passed for reaching the best results. Though difficulties may happen, everybody should work hard to achieve success. Each company`s employee should be responsible for the work he/she does. Also the supervisor checks the work of subordinates. This process provides an effective organization result and economically advantageous outcome. Each individual in the business must become more organizationally effective.

Today`s organizations and labor market are different from what they used to be because a lot of time passed; but the way of organization processing has not changed with time. The power of any company has always depended on effective labor work, creating good collaboration with employees. The companies’ management has to manage cooperation with workers respectfully and built unprejudiced relations. Employees get benefits, access to the specialist of human resources, receive support for good acting.

Positive and negative reinforcement are common with often used tools for managers to motivate their workers. A positive side is consideration or promotion offered to an employee for getting proper acting standards. A negative side is the result, such as lost payment or reduction made to prevent an employee from ineffective acts or from behaving badly. The positive reinforcement gives motivation for employees to reach a particular level of expectation. It also makes the possibility to induce the employees to complete work process. The effort leads to positive in job, high outcomes for the employees and the whole company.

At the same time, the scientists warn about the overusing positive reinforcement, which can induce the ineffective ways of employees` working process. A worker who gets corresponding salary for his work might believe in getting the highest level of expectation. Also, other employees may become envious. So, the balance between the individual acting in team and the whole staff achievements is the main concern.

Negative consolidation can be placed in good organization. Cutting employees` hours, reproaching a worker, demotion and termination are all negative facts used to reach good worker’s performance. Usually the company policy is based on using its standards in discipline and acceptable behavior. It is identified to discourage from unwanted outcomes. Negative reinforcement linked with retribution for good behavior makes a good balance. The extreme use is the main reference according to negative reinforcement worries. This includes penalties, punishments, absence of the goal to correct the attitude and behavior. The situation leads to fear in low morale working area. Some managers use impendence, making their staff work better and more effectively. This may be a result of production with short term, but it prosecutes for long term success. Public critics or negative communication humiliates and demotivates each employee and his co-workers. Demotions and termination also could lead to procedures appreciation and lawless termination if the company does not provide a document with poor acting and finishes without occasion. Employees who work without proper job structure may lose their motivation. When the creative process is disorganized, workers started losing their interest in the company and the production appears in the situation of decline. People who occupied posts in trading companies without a clear organizational structure, start losing motivation to work. The lack of implementation leads to low morale that affects your quitting. Even if the organization acts with positive statement, clear goals and effective leadership, but it has a bad organizational structure, the company is heading for failure.

The organization needs to develop a strategy with the connection of all processes. If one organizational part is dysfunctional, it can damage all other functional parts. A complete organizational structure influences the effectiveness of business. It means that right people must occupy the right workplaces. The managers provide a motivation with sufficient resources.

In conclusion, the organizations are able to have an effective plan of working process, when all subdivisions are completely cooperated with each other, allowing to reach high income and great success.

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