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RA Prewriting

Fairy tales never cease to amaze thousands of people who wonder if the stories are true or false. In most cases, the most interesting features include enchantments, witches, and a series of far-stretched events. One such tale is ‘Rumpelstiltskin” published in 1987 by Kramer Rita. The tale is a fascinating one because it appeals to the readers and awakens their conscience in attempting to establish the magic of turning straw into gold. Kramer begins by building his personal facts with credible information that guides the reader through the successful emotional appeals of the magic word. In his tale, Kramer sets the first stage by describing the scenario that led to the desire for magic (76). The rhetorical aspect is that the king was fond of gold, an art that the daughter never knew. Does the text form a clear indication of the impossible action that the king asked the maiden to do? The goal of writing this rhetorical analysis essay is to establish the kinds of genre conventions that are formed from the specific fairy tale. Some of the skills that I would wish to demonstrate in the analysis involve the ability to examine the rhetorical decision of the author (Gross 212). I would also need to understand the various arguments forming the rhetorical situation as reflected in the text (Gross 212). My rhetorical analysis would contribute to the larger classroom discussions by examining the entire fairy tale and evaluating the rhetorical devices found in the text. As seen in the above context, I would wish to restrict myself to one fairy tale. I would wish to draft the important arguments that have the potential to build immense classroom discussions. Some of the problems I would like to avoid include the formation of vague statements and unsupported evidence. I need to remind myself to always refer to the thesis when building or beginning a paragraph.

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