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Ideas Have Consequences

Culture identifies a particular group and distinguishes people from others based on beliefs, values and traditions. World culture has diversified and has further developed to other aspects as realized in religion, politics, education, family, technology and internet and art-world as is the case with Hollywood. Ideas have developed cultures. Both personal and group ideas have produced a huge impact on the society in which we live. All the same, ideas that have consequences have to be carefully dealt with in all aspects. For instance, Hitler had an idea which started Second World War. Well, his idea was embedded in the belief that the Aryan people together with Germany were destined to reign over the whole world. For Hitler, democracy and the rights of workers would disturb society. All the same, his ideas were catastrophic since they infringed the rights of other people living on earth. His ideas were not taken lightly and thus became very consequential. Therefore, ideas have consequences which can either be avoided or dealt with amicably.

Just like Hitler did not believe that Jews could be Germans, today’s cultures still seem to revolve around the same notion. The two major tribes of Rwanda in Africa also had different ideas, which landed them into serious genocide. Well, it is not fair to say that ideas are not good, but whichever the case, consequences will certainly emerge. Our societies are very dynamic and face a major shift from time to time. Man is always on the look for new ideas that will take him from where he currently is to another place he so desires. The passion for ideas and their implementation is always a tricky scenario that needs to be dealt with a lot of consideration about other factors. Therefore, it is important to weigh options and results of our actions founded on our ideas and beliefs before we can make the final decision on what we propose as the best way to go concerning us and the society surrounding us.

The United States has puzzled the whole world with its ideas on technology and war. Such developments and its emergency of being a super power nation have fomented enmity between them and other nations like Iraq, Russia and South Korea among several others. Ideas (whether good or bad) are not welcome by people generally. There are those that would stand by them from the same or different society and others who will be opposed both regionally and internationally. Therefore, for every action born of these ideas, there definitely will be consequences that would follow. We are living in a world where such matters are inevitable. It is unlikely that societies will develop without ideas. Growth in our economies and all other aspects is dependent on ideas that we all have. Nevertheless, the effects of whatever is born in the minds of human beings will certainly come to be.

The universe and place in which we live is very intelligible. Man is absolutely free and has the liberty to make choices that affect his daily life. The catastrophes in this modern age are the results of not merely a choice that is slow on the uptake.  There can be a remedy to the choices we make because of the ideas that we carry in our minds. It is possible to avert the consequences that befall humanity if our ideas were thought-out right and handled in a careful manner. Now that these ideas have brought out uncontrollable issues, the correct use of reason by man should be noted. This is in the renewed recognition of an absolute truth and the acceptance that ideas just like actions definitely have consequences.

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