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Sacred places remain spiritually meaningful to many societies today. In ancient times, pilgrimage practices popularized spiritual sites. However, one does not require being a believer in order to recognize a sacred site, religious architecture or sacred art, because they are still beautiful and interesting sights to see whenever you travel. Sacred destinations are an ecumenical guide that leads to more than a thousand sacred sites in over 60 countries in the world.

Objects such as icons and statues have been a problem in studying religion for a long time, especially for the European Christianity. The author of religious architecture Mussche asserts that religious objects may be more symbolic and representational. It helps to increase the academic interest on religion and culture materiality.

Various religious groups used different architectural designs to establish themselves and to symbolize their existence. For instance, the symbol of the cross was very significant to all who professed the Christian religion. The symbol commemorates the followers about their savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross for their salvation. Catholic believers used the image of Virgin Mary in their culture. It served as a deep recognition of the mother for the church as well as the mother for her son. However, this group had encountered strong objections and got allegations from others, who do not practiced the same, that it was a worship of idols.

On the other hand, Islamic religion had the unique way of architectural designs. These designs have a long history of existence containing a wide range of religious and secular styles since their foundation till present. The main types of Islamic architecture are the tombs, mosques, palaces and forts. For example, the Tomb of Sidi Abdi al Aziz is a small mausoleum and it is the pilgrimage to the tombs of the seven men of Marrakesh. It was established in the 17thcentury as a pilgrimage circuit in favor of Sidi Abdel Aziz who was the Fes theologian and died in 1508.

The most popular modern architecture object in Florida was designed on the model of the famous icon form Mexico. This chapel design is modeled as the pleats of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a popular icon of the Virgin Mary in Latin America. Indeed, she was so popular that thousands of Catholics meet every year to honor her. This structure was established in 1519 in consequence of the Spanish conquest outside the Mexico City. Therefore, this symbol also complements the values of Christians and unites the purposes.

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