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Everybody needs public speaking skills to tell a story, motivate the listeners or even make them change their opinions. There are dozens of occasions when one has to speak in public. They are weddings, meetings, classroom activities and so on.

I have delivered speeches several times both before large audiences and a few people whom I know well. I always feel like an actor performing on stage. I can be witty, serious, sympathetic, or even silly. I can be anything I want, and it is great fun! I never read from notes as it makes the speech boring, so I always keep a few key points in my mind and try to improvise. I have realized that if you are yourself while public speaking, you make better contact with the audience. When I feel that the audience is interested, I add some humor. It really makes time fly. Besides, I feel much better when I smile to my listeners; they get more positive when I share my enthusiasm with them.

Public speaking is fun, but at the same time, it is a source of stress. I dislike when I get to know that I have to make a speech shortly before the occasion. I need time to prepare, get used to the room, and learn something about the audience. I hate my nervousness when I am standing in front of the audience. Some years ago it could happen that before I started speaking, my hands and voice had trembled and I could not remember a word. I am still seldom absolutely comfortable speaking to large groups. Sometimes I feel so embarrassed that I can get tongue-tied or even speechless for a while. I cannot stop trembling and sweating. I know that I should not feel like that, but at first, I just cannot control it.

Currently I am trying my best to improve my presentation skills and overcome all my fears. I want to be successful, and public speaking will definitely help me.


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