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Personal Statement

My desire to study business dates back to my childhood years when I used to help my parents run their hardware shop. I was motivated when I saw them starting small and growing big. I was often engaged in various business activities and enjoyed finding out how businesses function and how information technology is applied in various aspects of business.

In today’s competitive world, one has to be equipped with knowledge and experience to survive. It has been my desire to further my knowledge and experience in business by studying at Santa Monica College. It is my College of choice because of its highly trained academic staff, majority of which are full time business professionals, who help students to apply classroom contents in real business world. It offers both campus and online courses with flexible classes that meet the needs of different students. 

Moreover, the institution offers essential services such as security, accommodation, health, library, and emergency preparedness to students (Santa Monica College). The student employment services offered at the university will enable me gain experience in not only business, but also other areas of specialization. I am moved personally by the institution’s aim of “Changing lives in the global community through excellence in education” (Santa Monica College).

I graduated from Riyadh High school diploma in Saudi Arabia and I am currently studying as a freshman international business student at California State University, Northridge. My ultimate goal after completing the degree is to enroll for a postgraduate degree in Business Administration. Since information technology drives many businesses today, I also intend to enroll for an IT course to create a solid foundation to my career and later own a business that would provide high quality goods and services to clients and create jobs. I long for a business that adds value to the society and believe that the experience I will gain at Santa Monica College will help me achieve it. 


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