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My First Culinary Experience

The day I decided to move to Indiana, I was living in Arkansas with my family. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and I was unhappy with where my life was at. I spontaneously decided to move to Indiana. My parents moved there a few months earlier and I thought it would be a great idea. I would be able to find new opportunities and I could have a better future.

In November of 2007, I was finally ready to pack my belongings and began my journey to Indiana. I was leaving Arkansas, a place where I grew up, and a place where I have always lived. I was going to miss my friends, family and the memories I made here. The overall situation was rather sad: although I had chosen this twist of my life road myself, I still was very uncertain about it and did not know what to expect.

The first disappointment was my new accommodation – I did not like it at all! Although it was a nice clean room, finely decorated and fully furnished, I did not feel home there. The only place which I surprisingly liked was kitchen, which was nice and warm, fully equipped, with that special spirit of a real home. So, soon I found myself spending the vast majority of my time there. I brought my laptop and my books into the kitchen and created a kind of study for myself in the corner. That bedroom of mine I used just for sleeping, and the kitchen became my real room.

Perhaps, you just cannot avoid thinking of cooking when every day you see pots, casseroles, containers with spices and the stuff like this. An idea to try and cook something occurred to me quite unexpectedly, when I was doing one of my home assignments. First I did not take it seriously, but step by step this idea captured my mind completely. The only problem was to choose the dish to cook, because I had never done serious cooking and was absolutely unaware of how it should be done. However, I chose the dish quite easily – boeuf bourguignon. I really like this dish, once I tasted it in a restaurant with my family, and I saw several times the cooking process in different culinary shows and in the movie about Julia Child. The procedure seemed rather simple though a bit time-taking. So, I fished out the recipe from the internet, made up a list of ingredients, bought everything – bacon, beef, vegetables and a bottle of red wine – and started cooking.

During first ten minutes I was thinking that this cooking project was purely mad, that I had been insane to take it, and that it was going to be total failure. I could not slice vegetables properly and beef simply refused to turn brown unless I noticed that I had occasionally switched off the flame. However, I did my best to carefully follow the recipe, and after a while I began to understand the logic of the procedure, and a smell, which was rather pleasant, filled the kitchen. My boeuf bourguignon looked exactly like the picture, and with some inner agitation and trembling I tasted my dish, and it was… delicious! I just could not believe my tongue receptors, it was real restaurant-class dish – I am not exaggerating. I had a full casserole of boeuf bourguignon and boiled potatoes to serve it with, so I invited my parents to dinner. We were enjoying the result of my first culinary experience, chatting, laughing, and this was the first time when I felt myself really home in Indiana.

From then on I cook something yummy from time to time – for my friends and family. Certainly, I do not think of cooking as a career, because that first boeuf bourguignon of mine was actually my moment of glory, because my further experiments were far more modest. However, I have chosen cooking as my hobby which helps me create wonderful family-like atmosphere wherever I am.

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