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College Transfer Application

Kindly receive my application to study in your institution. I am a transfer student from Drew University. I would like to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree and intend to major in Theatre and English. I am confident that a Rutgers degree will enable me to attain my career goal. I greatly appreciate theatre performances, and I aspire to become a playwright.  This requires extensive knowledge in dramatic literature.  I have written a few plays and some have been performed at my local church and high school.  However, I appreciate the need to gain advanced knowledge in English and Theatre in order to become a professional playwright. The program at Rutgers is comprehensive and covers creative writing, drama, English, theatre and composition. In addition, the institution has linkages with several performing theatres and provides adequate exposure to students.

I appreciate that prospective students need to fulfill the set out academic qualifications. However, you may find my grades wanting, but I firmly assure you of my capability to undertake the education program in your institution. I had a troubled high school life. Unfortunately, this impacted negatively on my grades. I constantly struggled with bullying and could not fully concentrate on my studies. Thus my high school grades are not a true reflection of my capability. Despite my wounded self-esteem, I still managed to write some plays and a few were successfully performed.

Once accepted, I will prove myself a worthy student in your institution.  I intend to learn more about drama and creative writing. This knowledge will enable me to mature to a professional playwright. I will continue to write more plays and a high quality performance will be evidence of a Rutgers education. Please consider my application and grant me the golden opportunity to pursue a Rutgers education.

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