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Application for an Internship Position at Walt Disney

I hereby apply for a position of an intern in your organization as a junior designer. I am an architecture student with passion of learning and I would wish to have a chance to improve my artistic skills by working as an intern at Walt Disney. Let me start by briefly explaining my background and source of my interests in aesthetic art. It began quite a long time ago when I was a kid. My mother noticed my skills and interest and she encouraged me to go on and express my skills in visual arts. I recall how she encouraged me after I drew a Mickey Mouse’s face at an age of five years.

Since my early childhood I had a strong sense of seeing and hearing and these traits have helped me grow up conscious of my environment. As I grew up, I had rich memories of what I had experienced as a small kid and this later became my source of inspiration. It is this strong feeling that made me to join an architecture school. To me this was the only way I could fulfill my childhood ideas and dreams. In fact as an architect I believe that it will be possible to develop my own designs and experience the wonders of the mankind from the foundation.

I also possess some artistic skills and experience that I obtained during my time at Pratt Institute. Here I had an opportunity to work with a professional painter Chriss Pelly in a drawing class. Consequently I have enriched my own understanding of the creation and visual representation of artistic creations. I also had a great opportunity to learn how to respect others, their creation and the ethical requirements of artistic creation. This means that I am a good learner and I believe that others too deserve a chance to express their skills. In fact I am aware that the art of creation is about learning and teaching. You need to learn from others and also teach them your skills to take art into another level. Additionally, I have also learnt from my experience at the Patt Institute that learning and teaching should be harmonized in creative works for better results.

During my teaching experience, I was able to balance my learning and teaching experiences. I was able to use my teaching skills to express the intuitive inspiration and the abstract aesthetic sense that I felt from creation arts. I also used my teaching skills to inspire every student and remind them how important they are to the rest of the world. On the other hand, I was also able to progress my learning by encouraging students to materialize and realize the essence of creative art themselves. Finally, during my time at Patt institute I was able to directly react to the impulse and intuition I had as a creator. This way, I was able to realize that the process of teaching is closely related to learning. In other words, you cannot be a good teacher if you are not a good learner. Where I value “meaning” when discussing the validity of “education” I also appreciate Walt Disney’s teaching: “I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.”

Walt Disney is a place where teaching and learning is harmonized, and offers a great opportunity for me in my profession as a creator that maintains a balance of people and myself. The environment at Walt Disney is based on the diverse understanding and experimental approach to creation, together with the study and application of existing and new technologies, will be a great opportunity for me to advance to higher stages as a creator and to pursue the harmony of various values that artists create. I look forward to exploring and discuss further possibilities and growth. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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