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Healing Hospital

Healing hospital has been an emerging trend in the health care provision sector, which is involved in creation and provision of an environment of healing. This concept has been developed in most of the healthcare providing institutions where the creation of a good healthcare environment makes the patients and families less stressed while in the health care facilities. The patients are less worried and less stressed while at health care providing institutions since there is a well educated, skilled and dedicated staff which will take care of them. Therefore, in the healing hospital there is an increased focus on the patient and provision of good care rather than the disease (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2009). It provides an assurance to the patients that the services provided will entail an encounter with loving service and competent medical care.

There the aspect of healing hospital is derived from the essential purpose of serving others, while at the health care facilities. However, there are many component of the healing paradigm, which entails various aspects of an individual mental, physical and spiritual. In addition, the healing hospital paradigm also entails addressing of various issues in ensuring emotional, cognitive and spiritual concern of the patient’s family (Burkhardt, 2010). Therefore, healing hospital seeks to ensure a holistic approach rather than the physical aspects of ensuring provision of good health care to the patients.

Generally healing hospital entails creation, development and provision of a loving and caring environment, which facilitates provision of loving care by caregivers, leaders and patients. There has been perception that the base of healing hospital is the ancient tradition and believes that love is found within the healing center. It facilitates the incorporation of people’s believe in God and adoption of the recent scientific developments in the health care. Therefore, for a health institution to be defined as wholly healing it must incorporate provision of efficient quality services to the people, while considering the various needs of the human spirit (Chapman, 2011).

Components of Healing Hospital

A healing hospital is embraced by various components, which entail culture of quality care provision and love. However, there are three basic components of a healing hospital, which include the physical environment, integration of work design and modern technology and provision of a culture of love and care. The physical environment provides a wide definition where the physical needs of the patients are not the only on e considered. However, the physical environment also considers engagement of the patient’s families to enable them cope with the situation (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2009). Therefore, creation of an aesthetically and pleasing environment not only helps the patients but also the families of the patients in enabling them cope with the patient’s conditions.

The second component of the healing hospital entails integration of work design and technology. This enables the workers in health care providing institutions to operate more effectively and efficiently, while providing security and privacy in addition of the services offered. The incorporation of the latest technology has also been essential inn creation of an environment essential for healing. Embracing of loving care culture is the third component in healing hospital, which leads to development and provision of compassionate care, while the health care providers play their essential role in the healing process (borowsky & Kreitzer, 2008). Incorporation of the various components of the healing hospital facilitates patient’s healing process, through provision of a holistic approach of meeting various needs of the patient. For example, healing hospital meets the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the patient in the health care provider (Chapman, 2011).

However, there is a high interrelationship between spirituality and the healing process. Therefore, since spirituality is among the components of healing hospitals there is need to prioritize the spiritual needs of the patients. However, with the increasing economic challenges majority of the hospitals are focusing more on ensuring profitability disregarding the essential aspects of providing quality and safe health care services. In addition, the aspects of spirituality and provision of quality care are rarely taken into consideration by hospital management as more are focusing on profits. Spirituality has long been essential in all people’s lives and hence plays an imperative role in the healing process of a patient (O’Brien, 2010). The essentiality of spirituality in people indicates the importance of incorporation of spirituality in nursing profession.

Challenges of Creating a Healing Hospital

There are numerous challenges involved in creation of healing hospitals and successful completion of healing hospital is embedded on ability to overcome these challenges. There are three distinctive features and qualities involved in development of a healing hospital; these include commitment to effective leadership, structures and system coupled with education and teaching through questioning and dialogue. However, there has been absence of willingness by various managements in different hospitals in providing effective leadership and a strong commitment to establishment of healing hospitals (Burkhardt M. A., 2010).

Healing hospitals embraces provision of compassionate care in regard to ensuring meeting the emotional, physical and spiritual need of the patients. However, it has been a challenge in achievement of this objective since not all stakeholders in health institution are involved in the process, which require coordination by all stakeholders (Bragg, 2012). There are biblical supports for the concepts used in healing hospitals such as the concept of love which has been described in (Genesis 1:26) where the Bible described man as his own image.

In conclusion, healing hospitals has been an emerging trend in the health care provision sector. It is based on provision of quality health care based on the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the patients. There are various components of healing hospitals such as the physical environment, work design and technology and embracing of loving care. Healing hospitals facilitates development of patient’s welfare as well as their families’ welfare. Spirituality plays an imperative role in people’s lives. Therefore there is need to ensure spiritual development of the patients while in the health care facilities since it is an imperative process in the healing process.

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