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Subject: Nursing

Career and Occupation Differences

Career and occupation differences rely on what their outcomes. An occupation keeps an individual busy. It is an individual’s employment or job. On the other hand, a career allows n individual to progress and achieve as it provides these opportunities in as much as it is a source of employment. A career is, therefore, a lifelong vocation that one makes a choice to pursue while a vocation is a temporary one. For one to take up a vocation, he/she needs minimal training. A career needs the maximum training which is attained in the period one is in a career. In an occupation ones responsibilities are limited to the pay. In a vocation, one is inclined to do additional responsibilities that surpass the pay.

Strategies for Personal Visibility Increase

One of the ways of achieving visibility is by volunteering in self-governance committees. They allow one to be seen as well as contributing to a nurse’s autonomy. One is also given the chance to interact and know other people from diverse perspectives. Another way is by spokesman volunteering. Public speaking allows one to develop his/her skills of representing the organization as they grow in management ranks. The other strategy relates to writing letters. Letters of commendation and recognition support the acts of a nurse. They should be kept for future references.

Differences between Life and Time Management

Life management is superior to time management. Time management allows one to handle the daily activities that should be done in a given period. Life management, on the other hand, guides an individual in discerning what is important, thus making choices that are of positive impact to the person. Time management allows one to let go of activities that are of no great significance in achieving a target/goal. On the other hand, life management allows one to get rid of practices that have overall influence on his/her quality of life.

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