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Three Poems

In this poem review, it is held that, determination is critical in pursuing various aspirations. The first poem that is subject to study in this case is ‘the Veldt’ by Ray Bradbury. The setting of the poem is a family unit. The husband, George and Lydia, the wife have a family of two children whom they have given the very best so that their childhood is a happy one (Bradbury 1). They have provided for the children a room well equipped with automated equipment that are capable of connecting the children to any location or place in the world as they wish or desire. This is the room they have referred to as the Nursery.

The tone is therefore set as one of a happy family whereby the children are happily provided for by their parents and all parties are enjoying together. One day however, as the children, Peter and Wendy, went out for some activity, their mother realizes something wrong with the Nursery. This prompts her to inform the husband of the happenings in the room. They all together visit the premises and realize some dreary events. They get to see that the children are watching or following activities involving lions feeding on the dead on an African context. The parents, perturbed by such, invite a psychologist to study the scenario and advise them.

From the poem, the facility hereby called the Nursery was provided for by the parents in the hope of ensuring happiness to their children. The Nursery did everything for the children and they liked it that way and we thereby obsessed with it. After the parents realized wrong happenings with the use of the facility, they faced resistance from the children and even hatred as they sought to change the system for their kids so that they grow to be reliable persons in the society. The parents perish as they seek to assist their children grow as upright people in the society.

Spying is a challenging activity. In the second poem, Black Box, the focus is on working as a spy. The author uses single sentences but manages to underscore the points clearly. Specifically, the author employs the stark implication of terse dialogue. The description of objects and use of fine poetry in capturing the situation is instrumental in attaining the author's objectives. By remarking that "we can be whatever we need to be, and this will change us", the author underscores the notion of identity. The author also employs the use of repetitive drive to raise the stakes that border on spy homes. In the views of the author, it appears that working, as a spy is one of the most demanding duties that one could possibly be assigned. However, given that spying is intended to protect large numbers of people and the notion that those who occupy spy jobs are well paid, pursuing a career in it is bound to continue.

The author of the Black Box focuses on a secret service agent who agrees to be implanted (Egan 1). The primary aim is to infiltrate terrorist organizations in order to collect critical information. As the author reveal when one succeeds in the mission, a certain degree of sharpness would be erased. The extent to which this is true is debatable unless, the author uses the expression figuratively. In this regard, the expectation is that upon achieving a given goal, a worker on a spy mission should move up a rank in the business as opposed to losing any attribute. However, the author could also imply that upon succeeding, the character/person in question becomes marked by terrorists. Thus, such a person can no longer be used in the same way. However, I feel that the author is static in presenting her ideas and lacks a fictional dimension that most poems bring out.

In the last poem, Nightfall by Isaac Asimav and Robert Silverberg, focus is on a character working in the journalism industry. Working as a journalist is intriguing. As the poem by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg reflects, the young newspaperman in a hot fury has often suffered because of his job. Apparently, he had focused on impossible interviews (Asimov 1). Despite the ups and downs of the work, the person in question had soldiered on as reflected in the revelation that his coolness and self-confidence was high. The implication in this poem is that no matter how difficult issues turn out, people who are strong willed are bound to succeed. However, such people need to remain focused amidst any setbacks or obstacle that they face in their day-to-day endeavors. The poem draws heavily from the genre of science fiction.

As the poem reflects, working as a reporter, poses serious challenges. Specifically, people from different quarters accuse reporters or journalists of insubordination. As Aton indicates, he is unsatisfied by the work of the reporter since he perceives it as intended to ruin his reputation. On questioning the reporter, Aton finds no concrete evidence to put the reporter to task. However, the reporter seems to be intent on carrying out his tasks well irrespective of the threats coming his way. The news reporter proves that when conducting daily chores, playing by the professional rules is not optional. Similarly, courage and fearlessness are central in the pursuit of success.

The aspect of intimidation emerges in the poem. Aton and other people who are reflected in bad light by the coverage of reporters feel that they are being sidelined. Consequently, they embark on a mission to correct the purported mistakes by the reporters. However, as it pans out it is established that the outsiders are using a skewed approach in charging the work of others. In practice, facing challenges such as unfair judgment is a normal practice which every worker should expect. As such, I feel the author succeeds in affirming that strong-will in a key attribute in the pursuit of success.

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