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The Stages of Dante's Love for Beatrice in La Vita Nuova

At the age of nine, Dante first met Beatrice; he claims to have fallen in love with her at first sight. He describes his love for Beatrice as courtly love. He cherished his love for nine years. Once he met Beatrice at the age of eighteen and she greeted him; this made him retreat to his room and think about her all day (Musa & Vita 39). Thereafter, he fell asleep and had a dream in which Beatrice was forced to wake up and eat his burning heart. Despite the fact that Dante and Beatrice married different people, Dante continued to love her and even went to the extent of writing a letter to her father to stop Beatrice from marrying the banker. Beatrice died at the age of twenty four “ three years after their second meeting. Dante still continued to write poems dedicated to her character (Musa& Vita 39).

Define the Allegory of the three Beasts in Inferno

The three beasts in Inferno slow down Dante’s path. It happens as he climbs the hill. The allegory related to the beasts emulates negative connotations within Christianity concerning evil. In addition, the three beasts represent the dark forces that intimidate human beings. The symbols Dante uses “ the leopard, the lion and the she-wolf “ represent three kinds of physical sins; these sins comprise three stern categories. The leopard acts as a symbol of sins committed due to incontinence; the lion signifies bestiality; the she-wolf stands for fraud. In general, the three beasts correspond to obstacles on the way to salivation (Baccacio et al. 39).

Define the major Issue in Inferno V (second circle)

The major issue portrayed in Inferno’s Canto V is that of morality. Dante portrays the existence of a moral universe. The punishments administered match up with the nature of the sins. Those who were lustful and infatuated by the flesh of the body had their nerves kindled by storm whereas they lay in the dark, which symbolizes the circumstances in which the acts of lust take place. As the wind of passion swept the lustful in life, so are they damned to be swept by a whirlwind eternally. Dante’s past suggests that the lovers are damned to punishment. He tries to change his love for Beatrice from an earthly love to a more Christian, spiritual one (Cotter et al. 106).

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