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Suicide, in simple words, is an act of killing oneself. Usually this is done by a person of a sound mind. According to Brandt, suicide is morally accepted in cases when the agent will deem in better light comparing to his whole life history or when there is a choice between person’s life and life of others.

Brandt uses Pilot’s Case to explain why suicide can be morally accepted. On the one hand, the pilot can save himself if he will lend the plane in the assigned place. On the other hand, he can try to direct the plane in remote or less crowded area. The last option will save innocent lives.

Though, if to look deeper into each action, we can observe intention. Intension is a choice which person makes to change something. In the Pilot’s Case, the action can be characterized as a suicide. This gives the ground to affirm that suicide has a moral ground.

Morality itself is belief or idea of what is right or wrong and how people should behave. We often hear word combination “traditional morality”. Morality cannot be traditional. People say so about their own believes. This is something that they accept and understand in their own way.

Opposite to the morality, we have ethics, moral rules or principles of behavior for deciding what is right or wrong. If morality can be somehow connected to the Commands and God, ethics has rules which were prescribed by the society. In this way, every accomplishment done for the sake of the society will be morally acceptable but contradicting to ethics.

Often, people are willing to die; especially those who are ill. They want to die to deprive suffering of all family members. Partly, this decision can be characterized by natural law. Though, this is a choice of a person. Each choice influences and reflects on somebody’s life. For society, this is a huge loss. If one chooses euthanasia, his or hers decision will harm the dearest but will bring the feeling of relief. In this case, morality of the deed is under question. No one can assure that something similar will not happen, i.e. with the grown up children in the future. Parents and relatives is a role-model for them. If one of them is questioning his life and his being, what will stop the youth to do so?

Also, it is important to mention that system of values has changed rapidly. Nowadays, people forget that there is something more, but usually refer everything to money.  Parents try to buy children’s approval of their absence. Often, they judge their offspring instead of supporting and helping. We forgot how it is to be a human being. We got used to Homo Sapiens.

From this point of view, each decision we make is a part of a non-breaking chain of coincidence and consequences. Suicide can be distinguished as a part of cause-effect relationship. If so, no one can judge another for committing a suicide. But for me, this is weakness to face what is coming. Human have enough strength to overcome hard times. This strength is concentrated in the clear mind and sound body.

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