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Campaign Strategies

Winning is always the aim of a person participating in any election. It is therefore important to adopt strategies that will lead to victory. The candidate of my choice is Carol Alvarado. This paper is going to explain some of the tactics that are essential to use as a campaign manager to ensure she wins during March elections.

Money is essential factor to consider during campaign period as the process involves a incurring lot of expenses. The paper will show how money will be raised. It will also be essential to spend money wisely because when it is not well planned for, money may run out before campaign ends. It will also lay out a plan on how to deliver messages and woo as many people as possible.

Carol Alvarado was born and brought up in Houston district 6. She has served the public for many years. She has worked in city council for seven years, from 2002 to 2008. She has also served Texas residents from 2009. This shows that she has a lot of experience in running public office. When elected, she will be able to accomplish a lot for her people and especially those things that she was not able to accomplish while serving in other offices (Alvarado, 2013).

The campaign process will ensure that focus is put on targeting as many people as possible. This will be done by use of various methods. The target will ensure all those who are over 18 years get message and familiarize with Carol Alvarado. The registered voters here are 284,000. To reach them there will be use three strategies.

One of the strategies of delivering information is use of mass media. This will involve placement of advertisements in mass media, such as through radio and television as well as bill boards. There are some of TV programs that are a favorite to many people and it is important to ensure that an advertisement is done in the break during broadcast of these programs. (Faucheux, 2003)

The other strategy is through the use of online channels. This is done by sending email blasts to prospective voters. The emails will then be forwarded to their friends also. Door to door campaigns will also be important. This method will not reach many voters but at least 30% of them will be covered (Faucheux, 2003).

The budgetary allocations for the campaign will be done in the most economical way.  There are three methods that will be employed in raising money for the campaign. One of them will be through donors. Potential donors will be identified, who will contribute money to drive the campaign. The other way is by fundraising. Invitation of many friends and supporters to help in raising funds will also be made a high priority. Since Carol has worked for many years in the public sector, there are many people who she has interacted with and will help her raise money. (Grover, 2006)

Finally money will be raised by organizing dinners. During these events, a plate of food will sell at about ten thousand dollars. This will ensure that a lot of money is raised. The money will be spent economically to cater for all advertisement and other logistical expenses.

The messages to be delivered will ensure that it is aimed at uniting all residents .It will be therefore important to address the critical areas that need to be addressed and are critical.  The issue of unemployment among the youth will be addressed. Most of young people have not secured well paying jobs. There will ensure when in authority there is creation of new industries to employ them. (Alvarado, 2013).

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