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Romanticism and Realism

Romantic world view is the perception of the world from more tender and positive side. It is the way of free expression of feelings. It is the state when the person wants to reveal his/her soul, to express his/her emotions. Romantic world view was based on subjectivity, the free expression of the individual, freedom of actions and love and nature themes.

Realistic world view is the perception of the world objectively, without exaggeration and idealization. Realism deals with the social problems and finds the ways of solution them. Realistic world view was based on objectivity and the center of its interests was personality.

Edgar Poe belongs to Dark Romanticism. In spite that his stories are horrible, Edgar Poe is romantic writer because the main theme of his stories is supernatural forces. He focuses his attention on his feelings, on creating some special atmosphere rather than plot that is why he is a romantic writer. Edgar Poe touches problems which are far from every day life. Moreover his short stories are provoking, dark, different and adventurous. With the language he helps to feel the events instead of seeing them. His intention is to reach into the reader's imagination and emotions. Without doubt Edgar Poe is the writer of Romanticism.

Ralph Emerson is romantic writer because his main themes were the personal autonomy and integrity with nature. Concord Hymn is the example of the romantic poem because she does not describe revolution; Emerson reflects the spirit of revolution and freedom.

Self-reliance is the characteristic feature of the Romantic view of the world because the romantic writers concentrate their attention on the personality and his/her inner world. They believe that it is necessary to rely upon own forces.

The stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown, The Minister Black Veil and The Birthmark belong to American Romanticism. These three stories are similar because reading it we can notice that the author concentrates his attention on the creating atmosphere rather than plot or events. Young Goodman Brown and The Minister Black Veil are similar because they reflect dark, gloomy and gothic descriptions. However there are differences in these stories, for example, Young Goodman Brown is devoted to the individual and his inner struggles as well as his external conflict. The Minister Black Veil reveals huge psychological aspect. The Birthmark touches on philosophical and ethical issues. As we see the author reveals different problems however his style of writing is the same in all stories.

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