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Response to Reading

According to the writer this is all about food supplement, and it also shows new ideology since in some countries it is read on news papers or narrated by media. The report has been a travelogue because makes readers to figure something new. According to scientific description of species in this report explains that all animals belong to different classes even though they look similar they have different classification. These classes are further divided into smaller classes known as phylum. This occurs due to interbreeding of these species which leads to emergency of a new species known as phylum.

Lobster initially was placed as sign to mark a celebrated festival held in States Mid-coast region which was on the Western of Penobscot Bay. As this festival was celebrated in June a senior editor couldn’t avoid the scent of lobster, which was cooked and regarded as the best food in the festival. Delicious food is prepared by use of enough cooking fat, onions, tomatoes, curry powder, salt and enough water and boiled for quite some time. For this meal to be appetizing it is served while warm to allow good digestion. Lobster is then dipped in the boiling salad and left for few minutes.

Physiologically, Lobster is like a fish because even preparing because it is cooked the same way as fish. They reside around the coastal bay and contain proteins which are also found in fish meat. A position paper is the one that is written in the field to bring the reader to the real ground. When this paper is viewed clear picture is displayed in the brain. After reading the two papers the Rogerian paper is difficult to understand without reading the whole page but in this page by view of picture one can get clear idea of what it relates.

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