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Evaluating Online Learning Activities

Rote learning is usually a learning methodology that emphasizes on memorization of information. This can only be achieved if the learning process involves repetition of instructional activities.  I chose the website by the George Lucas Educational Foundation since it provides the use of some memory games that can support rote learning instructional activities. According to the website, making learners to pronounce words loudly and repetitively enables them to remember what is taught. The site also reveals that rote learning can also be done through using jigsaw strategies. This is where a teacher makes groups of children to learn different parts of a passage thereby switching these parts or even adding phrases in reverse order and having the children recite them. It depicts rote learning as allowing the learners to comprehend complex logical operations though it fails to emphasize the need of understanding these facts.

Contrary to rote learning, meaningful learning refers to the concept where the learnt knowledge (fact) is not only fully understood by an individual, but he or she is able to apply the specific facts. The website of the National University of Singapore provides one with a description of process of using Information and Communication technology (ICT) in supporting meaningful learning instructional activities. The motive behind the use of ICT as instructional process is the notion that learners can actively interpret what they learn when the teacher deploys processes that give meaning to their internal cognitive operations.

The website gives a number of insights regarding instructional system designs as instructional technology. For instance, it enables the teacher to develop an ideological map using mind-mapping tools that allow him to include various attributes of meaningful learning process for students. Additionally, ICT not only help teachers in maintaining their learning portfolios through web tracking of learning activities but it also works to enable student to visualize the process as a whole. Thus, it reveals technology as a way, in which students can be able to understand how the different activities related to learning are connected and integrated.

In conclusion, meaningful learning as oppose to rote learning provides with an effective way for teacher’s instructional effectiveness. While learning entails the acquisition of knowledge, it is imperative to note that this can only be achieved if the instructional learning is lined with the learner’s cognitive development rather than concentrating on memorization of subjects or issues.

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