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Computer Input Devices

Recommended device (Touchpad)

The primary input device recommended for the device being developed is a touchpad. The touchpad will have the ability to be used as a pointing device and at the same time as a device to key in characters. This is the best input device since in embeds several input devices into one. Also, since the device being developed will primarily be used for accessing the internet, a touch pad is suitable for easy navigation of pages on the internet.

Advantages of the touchpad

A touchpad has numerous advantages.


The key advantage of a touch pad is its comfort ability for long term use. Touch pads require less motion and this enables users to be able to place their hands in any position as they desire. Secondly, touch pads give the user an option to either use one or both hands in controlling the device.

Uses less space

When compared to other input device such as mice and keyboards, touchpads occupies a small space. Considering the fact that the device to be developed will primarily be used for internet access, it’s a clear indication that the device has to be mobile. This calls for a design in which the input device will occupy less space while at the same time providing its use as required. Thus, a touchpad is the best remedy for this.


Despite the advantages stated above, a touchpad has disadvantages. A touchpad has little wear resistance, thus it gets worn out over a short period of time. Secondly, a touchpad is fragile.

To minimize the above stated disadvantages, the material used in the manufacturer of the device should be wear resistance. Also, the device should be fitted with shock absorbers to guard the touchpad against fragility.

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