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Comparison Shopping Report

BEBE store is privately owned by Manny Mashouf. It has a stock value of $3.96 and in the last quarter it reported net sales of $135.50 million. Their projection in the coming quarter the net loss expected to be in the range of midteens per share.

A dress in BEBE goes at $ 100. This price can be considered to be fine since the dress is of the best quality. In the store there is an offer free valentine’s express shipping before September 6, 2013. The store has a good layout with an acceptable lighting. The dresses are well hung in the store which has got good shelving. At least 20 customers can be found in the store at a time and its staff tries their best to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Express Store is privately owned by limited brands .Its stock value is $1.8 billion annually and had net sales of $2 billion in the last quarter. They expect to increase their performance by a markup of 0.2.

A dress from express goes for $79.90. Considering the quality of the dress and the design, the value of the dress is as required. They have a sales event where they are giving a 50 % off the original price or buy one get one free offer. Some of their products are displayed on hungers. The store has many customers and it’s always overcrowded. This has resulted to employment of up to 100 staff members to assist the customers.

BCBG Store is privately owned by BCBGMAXAZRIA group. The store has a stock value of $400million and had total sales of $750 million in the previous financial year. They expect to increase their profits this quarter.

A dress in this store goes at $150.50. This season they are having a sales event where customers are given 15% off the price. Most of the shoes are on racks and observe customers of up to 15 per hour. Customers are well served by the staff.

Despite the fact that the price in BCBG stores for a dress is high, most customers prefer this store. This is due to the fact that the quality and design of the dresses in this store is attractive to the customers.

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