Nov 10, 2017 in Analysis



Response 2.

In terms of envisaging the presented post, much attention was paid to the role of congress in the modern society. It appears to be a representative organ that has been modified during the centuries. Its status as well as functions was changes during the years. Unfortunately, the experts also admit that this political entity still lacks the sociological representation in the society. Any political engagement remains rather inefficient, as the representatives of the contemporary population are not ready to react sufficiently and initiate a political change in the society.

Moreover, the modern world still underestimates some categories of the population. For instance, women or representatives of the African communities are subjected to the severe control and their access to the political activity can be interpreted as inefficient. Consequently, the population can remark the reduction of political presentation regarding these categories, as they are simply deprived of the chance to influence public’s opinion.

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