Essay Prompts is here to provide you with exclusive college essay prompts. Review the units below to find the writing prompts for your paper. Each unit is devoted to a different type of essay writing.

Creative writing prompts will make the whole process of writing much easier for you. Now you can greatly improve your talent for creative writing.

Writing a descriptive essay: Unit 1

Your mother is a source of inspiration for you. She constantly has something to tell you, when she wants to encourage you. Her head is full of stories, even though you do not know if they real or fictional. Nevertheless, you always feel her support and love her stories. Now you have enough space and time to share your own story. What does it mean to you?

You have traveled a lot, and you have seen dozens of interesting and unusual places. Some of them will always have a unique meaning for you, being closely associated with the unforgettable memories of traveling and leisure. Now share a story about the most beautiful place you have seen and persuade your listeners that it is worth seeing.

In your writing process, you have learned that millions of people on the planet suffer from untreatable diseases. Those few who have managed to recover serve as a role model and motivation for others. Write a story about someone distinguished, who has managed to overcome a deadly disease.

Informative essay prompts: Unit 2

Your friends and colleagues in the workplace often share their stories of hobbies or favorite activities they participate in their free time. Among others, you know a person who swims with dolphins. You also know a person who plays baseball. What is your favorite activity?

Imagine that you have a time machine. You have already tested it, and it works perfectly well. You know you can go to any period of time, either in the past or in the future. Where do you want to go now?

Among numerous college application essay prompts, one of the most interest ones relates to the analysis of human relationships. Imagine that you have a neighbor who spends most of his time watching movies. He constantly tells you something about a new movie he has watched. You feel like you would love to discuss your favorite movie with him. What movie will it be?

Essay writing prompts for a persuasive essay: Unit 3

As a member of the school community, you are also entitled to gain some experience working with other students to create a collaborative atmosphere in your school setting. What do you think about it?

Some more scholarship essay prompts

Your school principal is considering the development and implementation of a standard dress code for every student. You realize that you will no longer have any freedom to decide what you want to wear in the classroom. What do you feel about it?

And some other college essay prompts

You are watching an evening show where your school principal shares his observations of some students. He does not mention any names, but you recognize yourself in one of his stories. What will you do?

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