Comparative Essay Writing

The purpose of any comparative essay is to give you some space for comparing and contrasting two things, objects, people, phenomena, or events. Our comparative essay writing tips are designed for those, who want to produce an exemplary comparative essay quickly and easily.


So, how to write a compare and contrast essay? Begin with an introduction. In your introductory passage, make sure to identify the things, events, phenomena, or people you are going to compare and contrast. If you do not know how to write a quality introduction, you can always consult superior compare and contrast essay examples. You will find plenty of them online. In the introduction, do not forget to justify the importance of the subjects you are comparing. Try to explain why you decided to focus on these and no other things. Give your reader a sense of importance.

Body paragraphs

If you take a look at some fascinating compare and contrast essay example, you will see that it contains a number of body paragraphs, each having a distinct and well-developed topic sentence. This being said, your body paragraph should be devoted to one single idea. This is one of the main comparative essay writing tips you should learn. So, each body paragraph in your paper will be constructed in the same way.

Begin with a topic sentence that is directly related to thesis or key idea of your compare contrast essay. Continue by providing evidence to support the topic sentence. Finally, include a transitional sentence linking your paragraph to the next one. You will have to design between 3 and 5 body paragraphs. Do not make your paper too long, even if you have many compare and contrast essay topics to discuss in your work. Your introduction and conclusion also should be concise. You do not want you readers to be bored, do you? So, when you are done with body paragraphs, include a transitional sentence and move swiftly to writing a conclusion.


All comparative essays must have a conclusion. Writing a comparative essay is all about quality formatting and a comprehensive structure. In the conclusion, you will have to remind your readers what you have been comparing and contrasting in your paper. Revisit the main ideas expressed in the body paragraphs. Follow our comparative essay writing tips to produce an outstanding comparative essay today. You can do it! We will be happy to help, when you need it!

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