Common App Essay Tips


  1. Begin with a small story. You cannot describe your entire life in a single common app essay. Remember that most colleges impose a strict word count limit on common app essays, so you have to be very thorough choosing the things you are going to describe in your work. The best thing you can do is choosing a story that has impacted your life or has changed the course of events in your life. For example, you participated in a health marathon and managed to win it at the last second. Or you saved a life of a small boy who was drowning in the ocean, while you were having a vacation on the beach. Try to present these stories in ways that emphasize your best character features. However, do not exaggerate and do not lie.
  2. Take your time to write. If you know how to write a common app essay, then you also know the value of time. Time is the best thing you can have when working on your common app essay prompts. You will never achieve excellence or produce a perfect application paper, unless you give yourself a break in the process of writing. Remember that good thoughts do not come easy. They also rarely come overnight. So it will take some time to bring together the most valuable moments of your life and translate them into something that will make you stand out among other applicants. Do not think that you cannot write until you scribble at least a few words. Then put it away and take some rest. Get back to your paper and read what you wrote with a fresh eye.
  3. Be creative. Of course, most likely, you will have to answer one of those standard common app essay questions that admission committees typically ask future students. However, that does not mean that you should fill your paper with clichés. You can definitely be creative, unique and exclusive without violating the basic conventions of grammar and style in academic reading and writing. Thus, the difficult thing is to find that fine line between sophistication and simplicity. Just be yourself as long as you follow the requirements and meet the required common app essay word limit.
  4. Details are all that matters. While working on your common app essay, pay attention to details. To a large extent, it is details that matter when are preparing to submit your common app essay 2015 for grading. You do not have to be excessively detailed, but a small detail like the color of the sun on the day that changed your life would give a better understanding of your personality. You do not want to look like a dry and insensitive brick that simply wants to study in college. Describe yourself from a variety of perspectives. Uncover your vulnerability. Catch the moment to tell you readers that you are unique and deserve this ticket to college. Just a few words can change your future, so why are you still in doubts?
  5. Humor and satire can also work. When you work hard to meet the common app essay requirements from your institution, you may find yourself being trapped by boredom. It means that you suddenly realize there is nothing new in the common application essay you are writing. Of course, there is no chance you could skip these requirements and engage in free writing. At the same time, you cannot simply submit it, because it looks and sounds awful. This is a good moment for humor and satire. If you have nothing else to do, then entertain your audience. However, be reasonable and respectful in what you say. Choose a compelling topic and create a compelling narrative full of valuable lessons for your readers.
  6. Advertise yourself. If you cannot get timely common app essay help, you will have to do everything on your own. As the starting point for writing your common app essay, write it as if you are advertising yourself. This is actually the very intent of any common app essay, whatever common app essay topics you are to discuss in your work. Be creative and unusual. If you are talking of some meaningful moment of your life, outline your best features and tell your readers how they have benefited you later in life. You may also try to remember something you did that turned you into a local star or role model for your peers, friends, neighbors, or relatives. Why not? You are here to fight in a competition, and you have the right to use these stories for self-branding. You want an A. You want to get to college. You can make it. Just follow this advice, and you will win!


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