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On the contrary, owing to our law writing experts, our valuable tips will further become your life-savers in the legal realm. Some briefs appear to be extremely challenging even for valedictorian students. overcoming all the impediments of this brief case challenge seems to be too complicated, then your excellent rating can be easily preserved owing to the prodigious writers of ExclusivePapers. Besides having well-earned law diplomas, our authors are unsurpassed masters of legal academic English.

Even if to imagine a perfect student of MIT, Stanford, or any other top-rated university of the world, simply ask yourself a question, “Do you believe that this seamlessly intellectual valedictorian never has burnouts?” The truth is that we are all human beings and it is impossible to perform all those sophisticated academic tasks equally well. Indeed, some students have mastered time management and self-discipline better than others, but dealing with several tricky assignments simultaneously is possible only in the world of Harry Potter, but not in the real one.

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Case Brief: Definition and Purpose

What is a case brief? Technically, legal brief writing can serve versatile purposes, but all of its intentions never go beyond the field of law. Composing case briefs is vital for paralegal students, legal assistants, jurisprudential interns, and practically anyone involved in law studies. Its fundamental goal is to create a comprehensible summary of a particular adjudgment, which is typically an appellate court decision.

When studying law, we cannot put briefing aside, as it helps to form reasonable unbiased opinions regarding legal matters. Also, it helps to discover and comprehend rudimentary principles of law along with their subsequent application to facts.

The following information will teach you how to prepare a legal brief without omitting its quintessential elements.

How to Write a Court Brief?

Standard Case Brief

When assigned with writing legal briefs, your professor will likely give you typical advice, saying that your law piece should be opened with the case citation. Initially, you must indicate the names of both parties, for instance, “McLean versus Adams”. You must bear in mind that the publisher and the source should be present in the opening lines. The court that was responsible for the main decision should be also indicated along with the year of the final opinion’s publication.

The Judicial Statement Facts

You have to realize that not all facts related to the case are applicable to the court decision. Hence, you should omit even compelling information that has nothing to do with the final adjudgment. To make it easier, detect and categorize facts that were established during the trial.

Procedural History

This part of the case brief is developed without difficulty if you ask and answer proper questions, such as: Did the appellate court issue the opinion? If not, which court was responsible for it? Who was in charge of sending the case to the particular court?

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The issue is interrelated with the central question that should be solved by the court. The creator of a case brief must be able to discern this issue, making it a part of a fundamental legal question. You do not have to invent the issue yourself, as it is usually articulated by the court in a convenient manner.

The core focus is on a problem that was demonstrated to the trial, and it constitutes the main struggle of the court. The fundamental judicial question should result in a logical answer, which subsequently determines the winner of the case.

Rule as a Set of Law

Judges use the rule to make their decision regarding a specific case. If the case is complicated, it often includes a set of law that consists of several rules. When judges work with this set of law, they scrutinize all the available facts and then debate, having regard to the judicial rules.

Application or Reasoning

This part is dedicated to a thorough analysis of the choice the judges made. When working with your reasoning, always take the essential facts into consideration. Eventually, the presented facts should be amalgamated into a specific law the judges grounded their decisions on.


In the concluding section, you reveal the winner and the loser of the case. You must present a succinct statement, where it is clearly shown whether the court declared or overturned the case and delivered judgment in favor of the defendant, appellee, or appellant.

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How to Write a Legal Brief in 10 Steps

  1. Scrutinize the case for your brief, preferably twice.
  2. Discern the decisive facts and jot them down in the process.
  3. Select the most suitable format for your brief unless your instructions do not indicate the exact formatting rules.
  4. Come up with a framework for your brief paper to adhere to the writing plan.
  5. Ponder on every separate part of the brief that explains the case through discrepant perspectives.
  6. Search for alternative opinions on the case that can be included in your judicial record.
  7. After the context is fully presented, eradicate any possible grammar errors.
  8. If you have time, lay your case brief aside to reread it in a few days from a fresh perspective.
  9. Be curious enough to find similar cases – it may be useful if you present your legal brief in front of the audience who might ask pursuant questions.
  10. Your opinion can be essential, so ponder on the viewpoint you might have regarding the case. Do you agree or disagree with the court’s decision?

The Integral Elements of Decent Briefing

Essential Elements on How to Brief a Law Case

You will not know how to brief a legal case duly if you fail to answer a simple question, “What are the key basics of a brief?” Even legal matters tend to have subjective and discrepant opinions. However, there are four indispensable elements that should be covered in any brief:

I.Facts: Reveal all the parties involved in the case, refer to events that occurred factually and procedurally. The final major fact is the judgment itself.

II.Issues: Present the core issues in a given dispute.

III.Holding: It exposes the rule of law applied to the case.

IV.Rationale: It elucidates the major analysis of the case and the reasons presented for the rule of law that was implemented.

The Additional Elements that May Be Substantial for Unique Cases

a.Dicta: supplementary relevant commentary about the court’s decision;

b.Dissent: the opinion of dissent if regarded of value;

c.Arguments of the Parties: contrasting arguments of each party involved;

d.Comments: personal observations and ensuing comments on the case.

There are instances when comments of the briefing author become valuable, especially if the case left some unresolved riddles behind it. As an attentive observer, a case brief author may notice the evidence that was previously neglected.

Relevant Information for Legal Brief

After indicating the basic elements of a brief, focus on finding the most appropriate information that elucidates them. When you are a newbie in case brief writing, you may regard all the opinions of the judge as relevant. However, it is significant to discern fundamental opinions that provoked the court’s decision.

How to find only relevant facts for your brief paper? Every fact that serves as a reminder of the original story can be deemed vital. Other relevant facts are those that influenced the major decision of the court. It is also important to notice the details: if a certain supermarket was a crime scene, you should know the exact name of it – altering its name is changing genuine events, turning the case into something make-believe.

Every aspect of your brief should reflect relevance, especially when it comes to presenting the dominant issues and subsequent conclusions. It is a grave mistake to present secondary issues and assumptions that have nothing to do with the final ruling of the court.

The role of a case brief, which may be only one page long, should not be underestimated. If you follow all the rules we previously mentioned, you will be able to craft your seamless legal brief, as well as comprehend the jurisprudential principles in a professional way. Fortunately, you have found the best case brief website that will make you think like a genuine lawyer right after you receive an in-depth briefing investigation from our masters of law matters!

Legal Brief Writing Services

Legal Brief Writing Services

If you think about addressing legal brief writing services the first time around, remember one simple fact: there is nothing indecent about it. We regularly receive such messages as, “Can I find an expert available to produce a particular case brief for me?” or “Is there any writer who can comprehensively show me how to write a case brief?” You should not worry about not finding the required professional to work on your legal matter, as our company has enough writers that specialize in law.

The person responsible for your work is always the one with a Law school degree. It means when you seek case brief writing help, we automatically exclude writers in charge of different disciplines to make sure there is always the right one for you! Besides, we know how stringent Law Department professors can be, so we look through their requirements very carefully, discussing every point with you.

Principally, upon ordering a case brief, you should leave all your worries behind, as the resultant written piece will reflect exceptional investigation, reasonable arguments, and unique opinions on the legal issue.


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Our expert team equally copes with short legal case briefs as well as extended ones. Moreover, we provide legal memo writing. The latter is needed if you intend to recapitulate your findings and ideas about a particular legal issue for your fellow students, assistants, or colleagues. Both case brief papers and memo writing will be of the finest quality. Owing to the knowledge and analytical thinking embodied in a customized legal composition, you will learn how to brief a case in law school.

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