Ways to Become a Freelance Writer

Have you ever thought of a worthwhile job with flexitime working hours? Then a position of a freelance writer is definitely what you have been looking for. These are not just hollow words. Freelancing is my current occupation, which I took up almost two years ago. Apart from earning a living, it allows me to derive satisfaction from the process. That is why many people ask me to reveal my secret of success and suggest how to find a similar post.

But at the beginning, it seemed not that easy. I remember my emotional stress when I was completing the first assignment. I had no idea what exactly I was supposed to do. At that time, I was a full-time mother, and freelancing was the only way to turn a penny. Being so puzzled about the first order, I referred to the experience of other freelancers. I spent hours exploring their blogs. Therefore, I had been working for a while before I got to know how to write properly.

I’ve experienced first-hand being a beginner, and now, I want to present you my own set of tips which would help you find a good position and acquit yourself of duties well.

Follow these pieces of advice and leave all your fears behind.

How to Find Online Writing Job

1. Cold Pitching

Cold pitching is a great way to find clients. If you apply this method, you will see that there is a low competition, and, as a result, fewer opponents. You could try your luck, and there is a higher possibility to get a writing job. Your responsibility is to contact customer and discus all the details with them.

Your target audience would be small businesses, companies or bloggers. You have to attract their attention by suggesting the strategies with which you could help them polish their image and roll out on the market. Essential components of your pitch are your personal data and some draft ideas to improve the company’s website, booklet, etc.

2. Place an Ad on a Job Board

Insert an advertisement where you make a good showing. Believe me, you could find there a great range of quality jobs. Usually, online bulletin boards are considered to be the best places by people for whom freelance writing is the main source of earnings. What is more, this is a good practice to create a CV and present your skills. Searching for a free website, you may register on Guru Upwork, Blogging Pro, Contena or Problogger. It appears that one of the requirements is to provide your rate.

3. Address your Circle of Contacts

It may sound weird to you, but sometimes it really works. Inform your family what you are going to do, and, probably, somebody would need help with editing or writing a resume, etc. Moreover, the colleagues from your day job may also help. You could not even imagine how often they contact different websites to get help with documents and written procedures. In prospect, consider making business cards.

What about future considerations? Once you have your own client database and are into freelancing, you would like to create your website. Think about an attractive interface and hiring more writers. One more good idea is to have your blog not only to draw a plenty of customers but also to attract freelancers offering them writing jobs. It is possible if you dare to start.


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