Top 5 Tips How to Travel Europe as a Student

Traveling is life, that’s why it is obligatory; this is what we claim and we are ready to give you a whole bunch of various useful traveling tips here. If you've worked hard and studied hard during previous months, you should certainly travel abroad and see places, especially while being a student.

Best Tips for Visiting Europe

A thing you should pay attention to when traveling to Europe.

  1. Money

Think about your budget before heading to Europe, because summer is often a hot season and this means it’s costly. So, make a budget, your planned expenditures for food, accommodation, transport and other stuff you may want to buy. We recommend that you add 10-15% extra in case of any emergencies. Keep your cash in several different places in equal parts. Take a card along, ATMs do work in Europe. Small places might not accept credit cards, so cash is important. Save money on gifts and souvenirs.

  1. Keep in mind your safety

You should always know where you are. Don’t abuse alcohol and other substances that might change your ability to think. Watch your pockets and never leave your stuff. Write down the contacts of the embassies in each country and the places, which you are planning to visit. Have copies of all your documents and numbers of credit cards.

  1. Explore locally

Include local things into your travel guide. The most important and interesting stuff is often more local. Wear smart clothes when traveling and learn a few words in the native language of the country, which you’re visiting.

  1. Smart packing

Take all travel accessories for personal hygiene. Plug adapters are important, because Europe and the USA use different plugs and voltage. Camera memory cards, backpack locks, windbreakers, good walking shoes and an umbrella will make your trip to Europe more comfortable.

  1. See as much as you can.

We understand that you want to see as much as possible, but don’t overdo, take some rest. Enjoy your travel and film everything for better memories.


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