Tips for Students: Get More Work Done in Less Time

Most of students share a common idea – in order to succeed at school, you need to study hard. In reality, though, studying hard doesn’t always pay off if you don’t know how to study smart. Cramming for hours, rewriting notes and learning things by heart is time consuming and not very productive in the end. Study smarter not harder and you’ll save yourself some time and nerves.

Create the Right Environment

The things that surround you play an important role in your ability to focus and be productive. Your study space should be quiet and comfortable so that you don’t get distracted by anything and can sit in the same place for a while. Make sure you have enough space and it’s not cluttered with different useless stuff.

Listen to Music

This advice is not for everyone, but many students find listening to music very helpful. It can block different annoying noises in your room and put you in the right mood. Scientists say that instrumental music is the most helpful in this matter, but to each their own. If classic rock hits make you feel full of beans and put you in a productive spirit, why not to listen to them when studying?

Don’t Just Memorize

If you simply learn things by heart, you’re likely to forget them very quickly. In order to make school material stick in your brain, you need to take it in. This means creating mind maps, reorganizing information in a way that is more comprehendible for you, writing practice answers and pointing out relations between concepts.

Leave it for a While

Studying huge chunks of material might work out when you’re running short of time, but the key to memorizing things better is spacing out your learning sessions and taking big breaks between going back to the same subject. Don’t get overwhelmed by learning only one thing for days, study a few subjects for a bit and repeat the routine later. This will give great results.

Pumper Yourself

Fake it till you make it so if you can’t motive yourself to study, lure yourself into waiting for a treat you’ll get after finishing the task. For example, promise yourself an episode of your favorite series after the next chapter, nice snack after an assignment or a relaxing walk after homework. Waiting for something exciting will make you work faster.

Study smarter with these tips and you’ll be impressed with your academic improvements.


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