The Reasons We Doubt Ourselves

In the end of your life – is it better to think how your life would have looked if you had done this or that, or to recollect your failures and triumphs with equanimity and satisfaction, understanding that both were necessary?

Self-doubt is one of the reasons why things we want do not happen. If you recognize the reasons for your self-doubt, it will be much easier to cope with it. Take a look at the top 8 situations when self-doubts arise.

Not having necessary skills 

Don’t be afraid to have that kind of doubts, because most often, we really do not have needed skills. But do not let it stop you. When becoming a parent, most people do not have all the skills. But they gain them. You will gain all the necessary skills, and it’s up to you how quickly you will do this.

Lacking the experience

Sometimes, it can become an advantage, because having no experience makes you bring more new ideas to the table. Even if it is a disadvantage – you can easily fix it, because it’s workable just like the previous point. With a determined focus, doubts will fade away.

Remembering past mistakes and experiences

What’s gone is gone. It’s not a groundhog’s day, and you’re your own master. Maybe, you have an experience of bad relationships or memories of family dramas, but they all are in the past and you’re in the present. Make an action that matters today because you aren’t determined by your past.

Hearing someone else’s voice in your head

Have you ever heard a voice in your head telling you that you are not good for something? If you have, take a very serious angry look at it and make it SHUT UP.

Relying on limiting self-beliefs 

Now, it is another voice in your head, not necessary belonging to someone who told you that you are not good enough in the past. It’ll tell you many untrue stories about your potential. This self-limiting belief should be banished from your psyche. Know your worth and the sky won’t be a limit. 

Having a habit

Some people are just used to having all kinds of doubts. It’s a long way to eliminating this attitude, but this hard road is absolutely worth walking.  

Who will listen to me?

This question arises when you’re up for something new. But, hey, it’s not just about your expertise; it’s also about your personality. Bring the best of it to the table, and your expertise will catch up.

Is my best work is behind?

Do you think that only newbies have doubts? Nope, successful people may also experience them. Imagine a musician who is afraid that his/her new album won’t be as popular as the previous one. Sweep all these doubts aside and keep on doing your best!

Eliminate your doubts and your life will shine with new shades and colors!


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