6 Things All College Students Should Make Time For

I’m a college student and during my years of study I started to notice that students are often missing very simple and important things. Making these things a part of the daily routine has a very profound impact on students’ life. And here is this list – top 6 things that all college students should have time for.

  • Sleep. It’s funny to write about it, but many people somehow don’t realize this simple rule. In most cases, it’s not that people have no time for sleep. They just don’t do it. It usually happens like this – someone sees it’s 10 PM, but decides to watch something on Netflix. And then, whoa! It’s already 2 AM. That can easily turn into a vicious cycle no one needs. Studies confirm that sleep deprivation results in reduced focus, concentration, will-power, and self-control. If you get enough sleep, you will remember the information that you get at classes. Less sleep – lower grades.
  • Work out. Working out in the morning fills your body with chemicals that give the sensation of fullness and joy. It really makes a huge difference. Just check it – on one day do the full workout in the morning and on the other day skip it. You will need no explanations after this experiment.
  • Making lunch. Students spend much money on eating out. I know what I’m saying because at first I did the same thing, though my parents were giving me the money. I was surprised when I calculated how much money I was spending a month on this and decided to change this habit right away. Now I’m eating out twice a week and bring my lunch to school at least 3 days a week. Cooking lunch takes me about 10 minutes, but saves about $25 per week. Cost-efficient, isn’t it?
  • Planning. This is what stops me from going crazy. If you do not have a to-do list, you will probably achieve much less compared to the situation when you have one. When you know what work and assignments have to be done today, it allows you to live a more balanced, disciplined, and stress-less life.
  • Time with friends and family. It’s a great way to take a break from the college routine. This is a kind of a mental break that everyone needs to make once in a while.
  • Me-time. Another necessary mental break that needs to be taken from time to time. I know that it may be difficult because most college students have roommates, but it’s workable. If you’re a lark, you can wake up before everyone else and spend some time for yourself. If you’re an owl, spend some time with nature in the woods or in the park.

Use this tips to become a happy student! 


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