Stay Healthy in College

Maintaining healthy lifestyle while in college can be a rather challenging experience. You are always tempted to eat fast food, dozens of chocolates and ice-cream, and drink beer. Therefore, you definitely need some healthy lifestyle tips to keep yourself fit and healthy:

Take lunch from home

Has your growling stomach ever been an obstacle on your way towards conquering the world (or, at least, when you tried to flirt with some cute guy sitting next to you in class)? Well, it has surely been! Besides, these sounds as well as the feeling of hunger can be distracting. These should be solid reasons for you to take snacks J

Take a water bottle everywhere

Sufficient water intake throughout the day ensures that your body functions properly. Remember to drink a glass of clean water before meals. Keep your body hydrated over the day and you will notice how your general well-being has improved.

Set personal goals

Always motivate yourself. By motivating, I mean far more than academic achievements – set some personal goals of how to become better, give up some annoying habits, etc. Take up yoga, refuse from coffee to go every day, say no to a piece of chocolate cake, etc. Try leading a healthy lifestyle – eat organic food and start drinking green tea instead of strong coffee.

Carefully plan your everyday food intake

If you live on campus, it is a really easy task to do as there is always a menu provided. However, it might be hard to discipline yourself if you live off campus. Then, you surely need to prepare a weakly meal schedule. Plan where and when to go shopping, what to buy, what to cook, which snacks to prepare, etc.

Pick some fun activity

When I say “activity,” I totally mean it – so, it should not be sleeping, lying in bed watching favorite TV series or whatsoever. Move! Go to the gym, enroll on basketball or volleyball classes, practice yoga, etc. If you cannot afford to go to the gym or fitness classes, practice at home – there are numerous workouts on YouTube. Be active! Your body needs exercising.

Ensure you get enough sleep

Getting sufficient amount of sleep is vital for every person. It helps you to relax, calm down, and restore your energy for the next day. So, make sure you sleep at least 7-8 hours a day (if you do not want to become a coffee addict).


Communicating with people improves your mental health. It’s really great when you receive positive emotions from spending quality time with them. Engage yourselves in some outdoor activities, go to the movie, visit some concert, etc.

I hope these healthy living habits have proved to be beneficial for you. You should definitely try them out. Just start implementing them in life today – do not postpone improving yourself.


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