Should You Get a Pet in College?

Most likely, when you were a kid, you really wanted a pet, but your mom didn’t let you have one. Now, you live without your mom, and, as it seems, you can finally get a pet! Can you? Think again and consider our recommendations before doing this.

Tips on deciding whether you can get a pet

Decide If You Really Want A Pet

Keep in mind that owning a pet is a long-term commitment, similar to having a baby. Consider all initial and ongoing costs. Think how you will care for your pet and maintain its health. Adopting a pet to return it later is a bad idea. Know your responsibilities in advance to make a proper commitment.

Choose Your Companion Wisely

Do you want an animal that will wander around your house or the one that will stay in its cage or tank? Will you have time to walk your animal, or do you want it to always stay in your apartment? How much time can you give to your pet? Answer all these questions and remember: a cat or a dog needs a lot of attention, while a goldfish doesn’t require it so much. So which one can you have now?

Use The Trial Period

As a rule, you can return an animal during the trial period if things don’t work out for you. Therefore, if you see that something goes wrong and you can’t have this pet, better return it as soon as possible. If it’s not the pet you can actually have, keeping it will be a big mistake.

Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Pet Store Versus Shelter

Of course, pet stores offer pure-bred animals attracting the attention of buyers. However, when choosing a pet, you should also consider taking it from a shelter. Even though an animal from a shelter probably won’t be a pure-bred, it has nowhere else to go and needs home. Most likely, this animal needs your care much more than those from pet stores.

Strive To Become The Ideal Pet Owner

Of course, your pet will require your time, energy, and financial costs, but it is totally worth it. If you have already learned to take responsibility for yourself, you can take it for your pet. In case you’ve weighed everything and decided that you can get an animal, strive to become a perfect owner for it. Love your pet, take care of it, and it will love you in return. Animals are like that: they don’t fake their emotions and just love the person who takes care of them. Become a perfect owner for your pet, and you will learn so much from it!

So, what do you think now? Are you ready for a pet?


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