Popular Study Tips That You Ought to Ignore (part 1)

Even the best study tips can become the worst for you. Why? Because they just don’t suit your personality or learning style. For example, if you don’t respond well to learning things by heart, repeating something ten times won’t help you with memorize it. If you better learn by writing, explaining a topic to your friend won’t do any good. If it’s more effective for you to study in groups, reviewing your notes alone won’t work. Consequently, you shouldn’t just blindly follow some study tips. You have to know your study style. And, moreover, you should better ignore some of the study tips overall.

Brain Gym

This is the series of exercises that was invented in the late 1980s. Those are some physical, as well as breathing exercises. They were developed to enhance academic performance, as well as concentration, coordination, relationships and responsibility in students. Brain Gym remains popular in many schools until today. Even though you might not recognize the name, most likely you’ve been trained in some of these exercises.

Nonetheless, the effects of Brain Gym exercises can’t be verified scientifically. Of course, teachers usually see the effect in their students. However, it’s not necessarily dependent on the specific exercises. Most likely, it’s just about standing up and doing something different. Often, going out to get some fresh air works even better. Whatever you do during your study breaks, it helps you overcome boredom and increase your concentration.

Any Diet Tips That Offer Some “Miraculous Foods” for Studying

If you watch different nutrition programs or read about diet in magazines, you’ll see that different authors often suggest eating completely different foods “to boost your mental activity and stuff.” However, if you think about it, it all comes to a single consensus – “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” So, why do you need to eat any specific food every day? You just have to eat healthily.

Therefore, skip all these articles about “memory-enhancing” and “study-boosting” foods. Don’t believe that if you eat “miraculous” fish oil every day, you’ll increase your study results to the skies. Everything, the science can actually prove, is that fish oil is good for your joints and skin. Even if you don’t eat it at all, you still can increase your IQ and memory capacity. Likewise, in case someone writes that blueberries are better for your brain than kiwi, it doesn’t mean that you should eat blueberries every day and ignore kiwi. Eat both of them, as well as all other fruits and veggies. Make sure that you get enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals every day, so that you feel good, sleep well, and don’t get tired too quickly.


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