Parents Move to College with Daughter: Smart or Smothering?

Once upon a time there was an interesting story about parents who moved to studying place with their child. There were many discussions on different resources, many viewpoints and many thoughts about that. One point is that heading out with your child to college gives an opportunity to avoid all the college troubles one may face and it’s good. Another point is that children have to get experience of living away from parents and coping with difficulties by themselves.

Those parents from the story claimed their daughter to have absolute freedom. But all in all can that be truth? Anyway child always stays in parent’s eyesight and so-called freedom seems to be only formal. How can one develop skills of living away from parents and build own life? Hard to say.

Popular Trend Among Parents

According to recent research parent’s moving to college town of their kids is becoming more and more popular. Moreover, today more and more young people choose living at home with their parents. Among them about third part consists of college students. All in all, how living with parents at their house differs from sharing an apartment with parents near college campus? No difference at all. Critics say that such treatment leads to reducing children independence and prevents them from adult development.

Such people often are unable to make decisions and make important steps in their life. Later, when time comes to face some difficulties, it’s hard for them to cope even with simple situations that others solve fast and efficiently.

There are good and bad sides in both points of view, and it’s definitely our own decision. But we always have to clearly understand the consequences of any actions and live our life as we want. So, choose wisely and let your college years be the best ever.


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