Negative Voice in Your Head

We all want to be successful in our life, even though the scales for everybody might be different. When for someone it is enough to have a strong family, for others it is vital to build a career or achieve recognition. No matter how different the spheres we want to get ahead are, we all encounter the same experience – a nagging voice in our heads that bangs on and on unpleasant things about our intentions.

The truth is that this inner voice is the inevitable part of any human being.  Whenever we plan to put our ideas into practice, a voice appears in our heads that starts its annoying song, convincing us that we will not succeed, that our ideas are useless, and will eventually be rejected, that nobody will accept our attempts, or that are talents are trivial, so we are doomed to fail. There are a lot of ways to formulate it, but the objective is all the same – to make us doubt, to crush our faith in ourselves, and hold us back. This sly voice is powerful and dangerous as it trenches on our ability to build our future and fulfill our dreams.

It might appear to you that prosperous and famous people do not have to deal with a pesky inner voice inside their heads, but in reality, people, who achieved their goals and climbed their way to the peak of the success, definitely had to overcome the moments of doubts, ignoring that voice. When it comes to choosing between a dream of your life or a secure harbor of not risking, it is of utmost importance to plug up courage and let a “no-doing” voice shut up for good. I admit, a plaguy voice can be so convincing trying to overcomplicate things or show you the weak point in your plans and ideas, so it seems much safer to keep wherever you are and not do any steps forward. However, that is what is expected from you and that is what you should not obey to.

Surely, life is full of surprises and there is no guarantee that everything will work out, but you will never know until you try. That is why it is obviously necessary to learn how to fight this inner voice that is whispering negative things to you. The most effective way is to acknowledge its existence and, no matter how persistent it may sound, ignore it. Do not be scared of an attempt or the consequences as long as you pursue your dreams and do the things that you feel are right to do. Be prepared that a voice will appear again, but if you are focused on achieving your goals, there is no need to let some uncertain things hold you back from fulfilling them. Be brave and go for it!


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