Mother’s Day

The word “Mom” is associated with endless love and a person who dedicates her life to you. Isn’t that true?

To express our deep respect for and to honor motherhood, we celebrate Mother’s Dayon the second Sunday in May. Still, different countries have various dates and traditions. This day is connected with phone calls our moms, giving them presents, flowers, cards…

Here some points on this holiday:

  • Eventually, the basis of Mother's Day was laid down in the ancient times when there was expressed honor to “Mother GoddessCybele and Rhea;
  • The American celebration of this day started in the late 19th - early 20th centuries with organized mother's clubs and Julia Howe's proclamation on peace and motherhood;
  • However, the main character is Anna Jarvis, whose strong desire to establish Mother's Day in honor of her mother, gave a push to the arrangement of the first official celebration and later the recognition of this holiday on the national level;
  • The symbol of Mother's Day is white carnation - Anna’s mother favorite flower. You will be surprised, but the rest of her life, Anna Jarvis spent fighting against the companies selling flowers, postcards and candies as the holiday was so commercialized. She was certain that the main idea is the celebration of the motherhood, the chance to say thank you to the closest person on the Earth.

Besides that, Mother's Day is now rated as one of the highest consumer expenditure holiday in the US. Yes, on the one hand, it might seem crazy, but on the other hand, people use this day to make their mothers happier. I am sure that this holiday is not about presents, its about special attention and words to the dearest person.


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