Make More Money: Easy and Creative Ways

Extra money is always a burning issue, so people usually look for additional ways to increase their income. Here, we can help you with a number of tips on how to earn more money in your free time after school.

Our list can be presented in the following way:

  • Actual jobs
  • Gigs requiring less time
  • Stuff you can sell

Of course, the list isn’t full and you can add any other money making tips you like, have heard of or have already experienced.

1. Make changes

The change of your job is the perfect way to increase your income. If you’re good in your field, HR managers will fight for you. Moreover, companies always evaluate whether they can offer you the conditions that will satisfy you. You can use this fact as advantage during your salary negotiations. Remember this.

2. Get a raise.

Requesting a raise is a good idea, as you don’t need to waste time looking for a new job and actually don’t spend more time and efforts to get your work done, but receive more.  This move is a little risky, so you had better look for very convincing arguments before making a salary raise request.

3. Freelancer.

Freelancing is one of the best secrets to getting money. You are paid for your professional skills and you are not limited in location to get your job done. Where to find a freelance job? Well, first ask your ex-colleagues about the gigs. Then there are specific marketplaces where you can post your ads, as well as specialized websites for the freelancers.

4. Blogger.

If there’s a field where you are an expert, you can earn extra money by starting a blog. Bloggers earn money when people place advertising in their blogs, but first they should become popular among the readers and get appropriate audience.

5. Coaching.

You can also coach people in certain spheres. You can advertise your skills in local forums and get new clients.

6. Tutoring.

If you like helping others, you can also become a tutor in your field.


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