LinkedIn Etiquette Faux Pas

Nowadays, the way you conduct yourself on social networks can directly influence your chances of getting the job you want. Out of all the popular social media sites, LinkedIn is among the most important. Having a well-cared page can show a potential employer how seriously you take your professional development. However, there are some common mistakes that one should try to avoid when constructing a profile.

Avoiding a Personal Touch

Some people are not comfortable connecting to people they have never met. However, if you want to develop a professional network fast, it is necessary. Don’t just leave the generic message in your request. It says nothing about who you are or what your reason for sending an invitation is. Frankly, it is even a little disrespectful, as if you could not spare a minute on writing actual human words for this person.

Posting Too Much

LinkedIn is nominally a social network. However, its aim is helping people navigate the world of professional relations. This is why pictures of you cat or brunch selfies are not appropriate no matter how cute they are. Moreover, even if you only post articles from reliable sources and relevant updates, you should not do this too often. Most of your contacts will most probably be busy people who will be annoyed by spam.

Being Insincere

One of the most useful functions of LinkedIn is writing recommendations for the people you used to work with and receiving such endorsements yourself. This shows the potential employers what skills you genuinely possess, and what impression you have made at your last place of employment. However, you need to be careful when writing one of these things for your co-workers. Only agree to endorse the things you have seen yourself and are sure about. If your colleague turns out to be not as good as they asserted, it can come back to bite you.

Using a Bad Photo

You may feel affronted about your photo being relevant to the job search. After all, it should not matter what you look like if you are a good professional. However, you picture is the first thing other people notice about your profile. It’s less about what you look like and more about how your present yourself. A grainy, untidy shot can damage your chances severely. Make an effort and make several pictures of yourself in crisp business attire looking fresh and ready to achieve new things. That will definitely give you an advantage.

Updating Carelessly

There’s no limit to improving yourself and your profile. If you’ve just read an article on how to have a better LinkedIn page and want to make some changes, go ahead. Just make sure to disable network notifications first. You really don’t want to crowd your contacts feeds with news about promotions that happened years ago.

Use these pieces of advice and good luck in your job search!


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