Interesting Information Regarding History of Labor Day

The Meaning of Labor Day

American citizens observe Labor Day on the first Monday of September. Frankly speaking, it may also be named the labor movement. The main purpose of it is honoring social as well as economic achievements that belong to the American workers. Every year, citizens of America pay national tribute to all important contributions that have been made by workers to the prosperity, strength, and well-being of the USA.

Legislation of Labor Day

Through many years this holiday has been constantly more and more emphasized by the nation. The first time the government decided to recognize this day was in 1886. During 1885 and 1886 municipal ordinances were passed. In fact, from this time, a movement needed to secure the state legislation. Actually, introducing the first state bill into the legislature in New York didn’t become law. Only in 1887, on the 21st of February, Oregon passed the first bill that was transformed into law. As a result, during the year, such states like Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey resorted to the Labor Day creation by legislative enactment. Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska did the same by the end of the decade. By 1984, other states also decided to follow suit because they wanted to honor the workers and celebrate their achievements.

The First Labor Day

In New York City this holiday was celebrated for the first time on September 5, 1882. Frankly speaking, observance of this Labor Day was according to what the Central Labor Union had planned. A year later, the Central Labor Union managed to celebrate Labor Day on the same date.

1884 is the year when the first Monday of September was picked out for the celebration of Labor Day. Since a lot of labor organizations appeared, this idea was widely spread.

A Holiday that Is Observed by the Whole Nation

When holiday was proposed for the first time, there has also been the form that should be taken in order to celebrate and observe Labor Day in accordance with certain rules. It included a street parade that can be helpful in exhibiting to all people how strong the trade is as well as labor organizations. Then a festival ought to be held so that the workers can get recreated together with their families and simply relax, have fun.

In recent years, there have been some changes in the way Labor Day is celebrated. This especially concerns huge industrial centers that are notorious for large parades that cause problems. So, nowadays newspapers, radio, television gives wide coverage for addresses that are given on Labor Day by prominent industrialists, union officials, government officials, etc.


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